9 European Festivals Where the Party never Stops!

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9 European Festival Where the Party never Stops


Going to Europe is expensive and once you’re there it’s not always easy to know what to do. Luckily there are some pretty great summer festivals that might just be the perfect excuse to get to some new countries.  I don’t generally need an excuse to go to Europe, but it is always nice to have a good reason to buy that big plane ticket. Let’s take a look at 9 really good reasons to shell out the dough this summer. Hit the festival circuit!


Mullet Fest in Kurri Kurri One of Many Such Festivals

  1. STOCKHOLM – The Festival of Midsummer: come celebrate summertime, officially it’s the summer solstice, in Stockholm where you will eat fresh strawberries, dance around a maypole, and sing “Sma Grodorna” (“The Little Frongs”).
  2. GRASSE – The Festival of Jasmine: come to this small medieval French town, which is known as the perfume capital of the world, and celebrate jasmine. Here you will see the whole town decked out in flowers, women dressed up as flowers, and children watching flower-themed puppet shows.
  3. BUÑOL – The Festival of La Tomatina: come to this tiny Spanish town to celebrate this town-wide food fight. This festival lasts just under two hours and involves people throwing around 200 tons of overripe tomatoes at each other.
  4. SELB – The Festival-Mediaval: come to this small Bavarian town to take part in the largest Ren-fair in the world. There are tournaments of joust, sickle and powder keg, and patrons can enjoy making herbal tinctures, learning to play the tin whistle, or getting a manuscript appraised by a famous German fantasy writer.
  5. PORTSOY – The Festival of Boats: come to this town in Scotland to celebrate an historic fishing boat race that has been taking place for 25 years (and counting!). Get ready to see old fishing boats do things you didn’t think they were capable of.


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6. GALICNIK – The Wedding Festival: this European festival takes place in a town in Macedonia that has only two year-round residents, but during this yearly festival the populations explodes to                          thousands as spectators revel, dance, eat, and celebrate the wedding of a pre-selected couple with roots in the community.

7. PILSEN – The Festival of Beer: come to this town, the birthplace of the Pilsner, in the Czech Republic to drink pint after pint of craft Pilsner beer. Basically you will drink a lot at these festivals            and you might even end up in a hot tub. Not bad!

8. MONTMARTRE – The European Festival of Wine and Whimsy: come to this neighborhood in Paris and enjoy a full day of wine, costumes and dance. Make sure to try the special rosé that is pressed in            the neighborhood’s town hall every year and sold at the local tourism office – it is the best around!

9. ALBA – The European Festival of White Truffle: come to this small town in Italy to search out the rare and treasured white truffle. If you find some, it is worth a small fortune, so grab your trained dog              or boar and get to lookin’! Or just come to the festivals and taste what other adventurers have found.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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