10 Ways to Tell if Your Cat or Kitten is Sick

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10 Ways to Tell if Your Cat or Kitten is Sick


Don’t wait to do something, fix this! Your kitty is sick!! So wouldn’t you want them to act as quickly as possible if YOU were sick?? But they would probably still take their time because they are cats, but WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT.  So I hate thinking back on the time my little kitty muffin was sick. (To be clear, she is an actual cat and not a muffin shaped like a cat.) But all I can say is thank goodness I rushed my kitten straight to the vet. It is never good to wait.  So take charge and take care of your cat! Here are ten symptoms to watch for and 10 ways to know, which might indicate your cat is sick.

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There is a significant change in appetite: eating too much and/or too little could signify a deeper problem.

Bad breath: if your little kitty’s breath makes you cough in disgust there might be something wrong. An odor coming from her mouth could mean gum disease or tooth decay.

Urinating or defecating outside the litter box: this is NEVER a good sign. At the very least your cat is deeply unhappy with her litter box, and that should be fixed promptly. At the worst there could be something more sinister going on.

Significant weight change: this could be an indication of thyroid disease (or even cancer *sad face*).

So there’s significant behavioral change: this could mean something deep down is wrong, especially when something so constant as her behavior changes out of the blue.


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Significant grooming change: if your kitty’s coat becomes greasy or dull this could mean there might be some sort of skin disease as the culprit.

Significant activity change: if your kitty goes from being highly active to being slow and sleepy there is definitely something wrong. So if their activity spikes unexpectedly there could be a thyroid imbalance.

Significant sleep pattern change: if your kitty used to sleep deeply through the night and is now up at all hours, there is definitely something wrong. Similarly, if your cat used to be active and now just sleeps all day, get her checked out.

Stress-induced behavior: if you recently moved, got a new pet, had a baby, or are remodeling the house, watch out for your cat because she might be super stressed out. So take some extra time to play with her and pet to make her feel special.

Significant voice change: cats who were naturally quiet who suddenly start meowing loudly, or vice versa, could be an indicator of a deeper problem.

So love your cats, kitties and your kitten and take them to the vet, people!

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