Why I Hate Actors and You should Too

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Why I Hate Actors and You should Too


I live in New York City, and that means most of the people I know or see are actors. From afar it can seem rather glamourous sometimes, the life of an actor, but up close it’s kind of a nightmare. I grew up around actors and now I live amongst them, and LET ME TELL YOU I am so happy to not be one of them myself. Here are some of the MANY reasons I am glad I am not an actor.

  1. You have to audition constantly.
  2. You have to go all over the city to be constantly auditioning.
  3. You have to constantly be judged just by the fact that you are constantly auditioning
  4. You have to always been thinking about how you look, or how you’re supposed to look.
  5. You have to think about what other people think of you all the time.
  6. You have to constantly get rejected.
  7. You have to do lots of bad shows and projects.
  8. It is really hard to get good shows and projects.
  9. You might never do a show that actually interests you

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11 More:

  1. You are like everyone’s little dolls they can dress up and order around all the time.
  2. You feel like you’re not good enough all the time.
  3. You have to suck up to awful people.
  4. You have to suck up to good people.
  5. You have to constantly wonder if it’s you or if it’s
  6. You have no control over your career.
  7. Or at least you have very little control over your career.
  8. You have to pay A LOT of money for school and classes and then you might never get a paid gig EVER.
  9. There is a lot of waiting. Waiting to be called, waiting for the right project, waiting to be ready, etc.
  11. Shitty part-time/night-time jobs.


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ICK. Seriously, I’m SO HAPPY I’m not an actor. And to all you actors out there: It’s going to be fine don’t worry about it stay optimistic because otherwise you’ll just be miserable all the time!!

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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