Top Six Technology Advances in Surgery to Help You Live Twice as Long

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Top Six Technology Advances in Surgery to Help You Live Twice as Long

The world of surgery is moving quickly. Everything from basic cosmetic surgeries like rhinoplasty surgery to lifesaving treatments are changing due to the continuous march of technology. This article is going to show you some of the main technology advances in surgery you need to take into account.

Cancer Nanotherapy 

One of the huge advancements has come around due to the presence of nanotherapy. Cancer nanotherapy has provided surgeons with the ability to be more precise than ever before, while causing less harm to the patient.

Nanotechnology has the ability to interact with cancerous cells and destroy them, while leaving healthy cells around them unharmed. Overall, this translates to more effective surgeries, with better long-term prospects.


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Smartphone Technology to Help Surgeons with Diagnosis

Surgeons are not always called upon to deal with simple problems. Sometimes most of the work is in discovering what’s really wrong with someone. The humble stethoscope has fallen by the wayside and now surgeons can use analogue stethoscopes, together with specialized apps to help with interpreting medical data.

This will reduce the risk of surgeries going wrong, or even the wrong surgeries being delivered entirely.

Pulse Oximetry Devices

The amount of oxygen saturation in the blood is a crucial measurement every surgeon has to take when performing anything from a closed rhinoplasty to open heart surgery. It’s especially important for patients who are currently under anesthetic.


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It fits tightly around the finger, but there are new technologies enabling this to happen remotely. One device can interpret oxygen saturation while the patient is in motion. Another one uses the power of Bluetooth to send data remotely, so surgeons can essentially automate this process.

The Removal of Melanoma Biopsies

Melanoma biopsies need to be done by a surgeon in order to confirm whether a mole is cancerous or not. Until now it was impossible to perform the diagnosis without some sort of surgical intervention.


Dermatologists have made a major breakthrough by inventing a handheld tool that can provide additional information to help with diagnosis. It doesn’t completely remove the need for some form of surgical intervention. But by providing this sort of additional information doctors may be able to make an accurate diagnosis without the need for surgery.


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Fat Transfer

Fat transfer has long been condemned as an unsafe practice. The idea is that fat from various parts of the body can be transferred to other parts of the body. But recent studies have revealed that on women breast fat is a safe form of fat that won’t cause rejection and won’t interfere with the rest of the body.

The way it works is that the fat is taken out of one part of the body, purified, and then reinserted. This makes the concept of cosmetic surgery far more natural, and may attract people towards it.

General Reduction in Invasive Surgery

Perhaps the biggest technological advancement of all is the reduction in the number of invasive surgeries. Using smaller and smaller instruments, surgeons are able to perform complex surgeries without the need to leave huge amounts of scarring.


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The facelift is one surgery that has benefited from the latest endoscopic tools. A full facelift can be performed just by making a few small incisions. The scarring is kept to a minimum, making this a far more attractive option.


Technological advancements in surgery have completely changed the game. Patients are able to even avoid invasive surgeries, in some cases. These changes are working for both the benefit of surgeons and the benefit of patients. What do you think the future holds for the surgical part of the medical industry? Limited-less.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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