Top 4 Reasons Why I Love being an Intern, Ignore all the stupid noise

Give a voice to the voiceless!

Why I Love being an Intern Ignore all the stupid noise


I have been an intern many times in my life, but I have never truly appreciated the benefits of the “internship…” UNTIL NOW THE REST IS JUST NOISE. Being an intern is not generally held up as a coveted position in life. You work a lot, you’re lowest of the proverbial totem pole and, the biggest problem, you are not paid. But recently I have become an intern again and, this time, I am looking on the bright side, I am seeing the positive side of things, I am uncovering that silver lining.

Here are some of the benefits of being an intern that have only recently, for me, come to light.

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  1. You can essentially come and go whenever you want because YOU ARE NOT BEING PAID. I happen to live, like, EXTREMELY far from my internship, so I show up any time between 10:30am and noon and nobody bats an eye. I sleep until 9am every day because, once again, I’M NOT BEING PAID.
  2. If your internship is in the field you hope to work in eventually, then you have the benefit of making numerous connections with people you could potentially work with in the future. This is a HUGE benefit, because knowing people in your field is the best way to move forward and have lots of great PAID jobs…in the future.
  3. You do some low-level stuff, but because you don’t technically have a title, you can potentially work on a whole range of projects in all different departments. I have gotten the opportunity, just through physically being present and not being a complete ding dong, to work on high-level projects in the field I hope to work in later.
  4. Which brings me to the biggest benefit of all: EXPERIENCE. Nobody can fast-track their way to experience, at least not yet, technology isn’t there yet, so taking the time to work for free whilst gaining experience is completely worth your time. With the connections you make and the skills you gain you could leap frog directly to a really great job.

So as long as you can afford not get paid, stay in that internship. It is definitely helping you more than it is hurting you. STAY STRONG, stick in there, and ignore the noise.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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