Loser Alert: Adrien Broner should learn to talk with his game

Give a voice to the voiceless!

Adrien Broner should learn to talk with his game

Adrien Broner seems to have a knack for letting his mouth write checks his butt can’t cash.

Adrien Broner was in big trouble. At the end of 2013, when he was still considered a rising star by many in the fight game, Broner ran his mouth in Broner-like fashion before a fight against Marcos Maidana. He was thoroughly starched in said fight, proving gif-based entertainment for countless boxing fans as he cascaded through the ropes in the early stages of slumber. His career subsequently floundered for years, beset by losses in the ring and issues out of it. Tonight, Broner is scheduled to fight Jessie Vargas at the Barclays Center, trying to get his career back on the upswing.

Unfortunately, it seems Broner still hasn’t learned to talk with his game. In a press conference leading up to tonight’s bout, he was at it again. Dubbing the proceedings a “fake ass press conference,” Broner hurled profanities at Leonard Ellerbe and Mayweather Promotions for being “against” him, sounding both bombastic and paranoid:

“And I know all y’all against me. Him right here, Leonard Ellerbe against me. They with this bitch ass ni–a. Leonard a bitch ass ni–a, too!”

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Broner continued to go in on Ellerbe after a brief exchange, mocking him in a childish tone. He capped his tirade with, “I’m a real one. Shut that soft ass stuff up…that’s some soft ass sh-t. Shut that soft ass sh-t up.”

This from a boxer who’s made as much press for getting stretched out as he has for winning fights. From a boxer whose signature move was having his hair brushed for him in the ring. From a boxer whose memes produce as much hilarity as the last few seconds of that infamous Zab Judah fight.

Maybe Mr. Broner should concentrate on staying upright through the final bell, and save the trash talking for once he’s a widely respected fighter again.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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