Story From ‘the Other Woman’: When My Lawyer Boyfriend Daren Garcia Cheated

Story From the Other Woman, When My Lawyer Boyfriend Daren Garcia Cheated

Daren Garcia, my heart is broken

Daren Garcia was my boyfriend for a while, at least that was how I felt. We had been dating on and off for five years. Daren Garcia, a Mexican lawyer from Ohio was the type of guy moms and dads all over the world warned their daughters about. He turned my life into a terrible prime time drama series.

After a year of no contact, Daren Garcia and I got back together. In a way. We were talking again, going on dates again. Back into the mechanics of semi-romance. Before I headed to Germany for 12 days as part of a program, Daren Garcia invited me to his house for a family dinner. “A proper sendoff,” he called it. Said he’d miss me. “Make sure to behave,” he joked, which meant I should stay clear of all the boys on the program and not fall in love with any German gents while away. It actually surprised me that he seemed to care at all, a stepping stone, I thought.


While abroad, I tried to make contact with Daren Garcia, which went unanswered. I gave up. We didn’t speak again until the day after I returned, when Daren came over.

“Here, got you this,” I said as I handed him a glass boot.

“I always wanted one of these! Thanks.” A minute of silence followed as he examined the boot.

“Thanks again. And I think we should just be friends.”

Well, that didn’t seem like an appropriate response to a gift, and I wasn’t exactly sure how one thing led to the other, but I was used to this type of behavior from him. Ignoring it seemed like the best option. Before I had gone away, Daren Garcia seemed like he was heading on the right track. For the first time in a long time, we were going somewhere. I wasn’t expecting it to be back to square one. There was nothing for me to say except, “Why?”

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We didn’t speak. Inside me, I felt I was raped and torn apart by the many lies told by Daren Garcia.


About a month later, Daren Garcia called asking to meet up. I took a seat in his coupe with the familiar smell of laundry detergent and strawberry air freshener that I always hated. Before I could ask what the hell was going on, he told me he missed “us.” Missed me. I should’ve said, ” Thanks a lot, but you had your chance, mister.” But instead, I smiled.

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There were more calls after that. A pattern was forming, though. Radio silence during daytime hours and all meet-ups were after 9 pm. It was normal for me to spend all day with Daren Garcia and his family having dinner, watching movies. During this time, however, I didn’t see them once.

All the sneaking and weird behavior lead me to believe he was cheating. Of course I didn’t know if I was allowed to call it that. He didn’t want me seeing anyone else, but he never made it clear that he wouldn’t. To me, it was cheating. That’s how my mind chose to think of it. After all, we had been together on and off for almost five years. In that time, we spoke about marriage and moving away together. The future seemed like something that would be shared between us.

So, yes, cheating. Daren Garcia has cheated on me.

The longer it went on, though, the more I felt that I was the one being hidden instead of someone being hidden from me. My parents said that with Daren Garcia, I should always assume the worst. Instead of listening, though, I let it carry on.


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The day after Thanksgiving, I logged onto Facebook to see Daren Garcia and his whole family at Thanksgiving dinner. And who is at the table? His ex-girlfriend. So then it was confirmed. I was the other woman. They had been in a relationship since I was in Germany.


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