Stay in Your Lane, Mistah & Missus Celeb Entrepreneurs

Give a voice to the voiceless!

Stay in Your Lane, Mistah & Missus Celeb Entrepreneurs


If you’re a doctor and someone asks you for advice about plumbing and you know nothing about plumbing, would you offer them advice?  And if the same person asked a plumber for shoulder surgery advice, should they take it?  It’s best to stay in your lane. Some celebrities have been getting into the wellness and food business and doing quite well for themselves.  Others have wanted to do the same, and haven’t done very well for themselves.  It’s about timing, research, audience to name a few, and luck can’t hurt. But celebrity mistah and missus, you need to stay in your lane, and act or dance or sing – or do whatever it is that you do.


Planet Hollywood worked out, and so did Nobu.  But Others like Speilburg’s Dive or Jennifer Lopez’s Madre’s, did not work out.  Hot they were not.  Food products from cookbooks to actual products have been successful with Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow.  Donald Trump’s steaks, Sharper Image steaks, did not do so well. Mistah Sean Combs had two restaurants named after his son Justin.  These soul food restaurants were around for almost a decade before they shut down because they were hazardous due to a shooting in a parking lot. Stay in your lane Puff Daddy.  Your steak shouldn’t need a flak jacket.

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The Baldwin brothers, Stephen and Billy, tried opening a restaurant by the name of Alaia and then Luahn in 1999, but neither worked out, despite the fancy and swanky chairs.  Stay in your lane, boys.   Missus Roseanne Barr tried to run a nut business called, “Roseanne’s Nuts” with a reality show based on her nut farm.  That didn’t last either. No one knows if she still owns the farm.  And Mistah Kevin Costner teamed with a few people to open a restaurant in California that suggests the mood of when a mistah or missus is on a yacht. It opened in 1997 and closed in 2009. It had a nice run but didn’t last.  And the best yet, and my personal favorite, was Flavor Flav’s fried chicken places.  They never lasted, but they should have!

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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