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As the U.S. tries to normalize relations with Cuba, here are eight reasons we're excited to finally visit our Communist neighbor.
As the U.S. tries to normalize relations with Cuba, here are eight reasons we’re excited to finally visit our Communist neighbor. See above image for No. 1.

With President Obama’s surprise announcement this week that the United States will seek to normalize relations with Cuba — our isolated Communist neighbor only 90 miles off the Florida coast — we here at TheBlot Magazine thought it would be useful for the globe trekkers or curious ones to highlight eight reasons why visiting the tropical nation, which has been off-limits for American travelers for 56 years, would be a thrill. 

Reestablishing ties will begin with trade and allowing some travel, the president said, meaning Cuban cigars, tasty rum and sexy babes here we come! It’s not like many people know it, but La Isla Bonita is surely a great place to visit and soak up some sun, lie in the sand and get a full view of the talent on display.

And the best part of all is Cuba’s a short flight from most parts of the U.S. It’s practically in Florida’s backyard, and Americans should soon be able to fly direct, or at least not have to get a connecting flight from Ottawa.

If the embargo is ended, Americans will be able to travel to the island and enjoy all it has to offer in food, culture, classic cars from the ’50s, beautiful beaches and women.

Negotiations that ended in the announcement began as a prisoner transfer between the two countries, but turned into an historic day. Cuba was severely punished by the U.S. after nuclear missiles were installed on its shores during the Cuban Missile Crisis under the Kennedy administration. Relations were severed in January 1951; Obama said this week that an embassy will be established. The Secretary of State will conduct a review of the U.S. designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism as well, he said.

Now to the fun stuff: Our top reasons why you should visit Cuba ASAP:

1. Beautiful babes

Why even delay the obvious? The top reason is the sexy babes. Hey, maybe when you’re just chilling out Varadero Beach, you might get lucky and meet a model like the sultry, dark bombshell Vida Guerra, seen above. It could happen, right?

Well, maybe not, but if you don’t take that chance, there could be someone else being asked to apply tanning oil to toned backs and flat stomachs. Muy caliente!

2. Baseball

Some of the best baseball payers in Major League history have emigrated from Cuba, and several standouts have come ashore recently to bring their Latin fervor for the game to the States. Seeing them in action in their home country would be amazing, and you might spot the next Yasiel Puig, Jose Abreu or Jose Fernandez and help negotiate a multimillion-dollar contract deal for his arrival, while getting rich.

3. Black beans

The Cubans make beans and rice so good that the juice is like black gold, not oil, but viscous deliciousness. Now you might say, “What could possibly be so special about a simple plate of beans and rice?” Well, my imaginary friend, you have obviously never eaten the Cuban version because it’s pretty damn amazing.

So go try it, like, now.

4. Beaches

Some of the best, most unspoiled-by-tourists-and-time beaches in the world await pedicured gringo feet burrowing into the sand. While there aren’t any resorts there (yet), you will have most of the beach to yourself, a long departure from the crowded, more-frequented Caribbean destinations.

5. Cuban sandwiches

The Cuban-pressed favorite has long been available stateside, but why give up an opportunity to get an authentic version with a cup of super-strong espresso that will make your head spin? Yes, these treats are all over Miami and South Florida, but just think: You could be the first person in your social group to upload foodie pictures of culinary adventure to your blog or favorite social-media site.

6. Old Havana/architecture

Old buildings remain all over Havana, Cuba’s capital city, including the classic, Spanish Colonial-Era buildings, which are well-preserved as there has been almost zero development in more than half a century. Aesthetes rejoice!

7. Rum and cigars

Yes, there was that “Seinfeld” episode, but now no excuse is needed to get your hands on a fine stogie and just start puffing away. And now to get one, you won’t have to get creative or trade in your favorite jacket to acquire these brown beauties.

8. Classic cars

Where else can you ride in a Studebaker, a classic Lincoln or a Cadillac from the golden age of autos? A two-hour flight and it’s back to the future of the ’50s, transported to the era of when bench seats and cars actually made of metal were the norm. 

Maybe it seems like I am lobbying for a job at a tourism council, and if they offer, I am listening. So go, go to Cuba, the sooner the better, before fanny-packer tourists ruin it.

You’re still here? In the States, wiling away the time during another winter of discontent, why?

Get going already, and while you’re there, pick me up a Cuban and some beans and rice. 

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