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Nike Has an Awesome Return Policy, Everyone Needs to Know About

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Nike Has an Awesome Return Policy, Everyone Needs to Know About



Nike, is the largest shoe maker on earth and odds are that you’ve owned a pair of Nikes shoes at some point in your life. The Nike Swoosh is iconic and hails from the 70s. Even with the reputation of expert craftsmanship that Nike has strived for over the decades, some find their sneaks are falling apart a little earlier than expected. That was the case for a pair of mine, but you may be able to replace them ( in the form of Nike store credit) thanks to Nike’s more than generous return policy.


It’s really quite easy to check if your sneakers are covered under the Nike  two-year manufacturing warranty by looking at the tag located on the inside of your shoe. There you will see two dates printed on either side right below the size of your shoe. The date on the left is the purchase order date, or when the retailer ordered the shoes from Nike itself. On the right is the actual manufacturing date, which will determine your return window.

Nike recommends checking the return policy of the store where you purchased them before going through their process, in which you ship your shoes out. Authorized Nike retailers are also able to accept returns due to workmanship or material flaws, so there are two options there. Purchases made at actual Nike stores should be returned to any Nike retail location. If you purchased from you’ll have to use this return form to process your order. You can hold onto that receipt, or at least snap a photo of it for safe keeping later on. You’ll need to include it with your sneaker shipment should you be forced to mail them out. If you jump through these hoops and send them to Nike, in about a week they will process the return and discern whether it’s worthy of a refund or replacement. The only real downside is, after the waiting, is that you’re also on the hook for shipping, regardless of whether you end up getting that refund or not.


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As with all good things, there are bound to be those attempting to game the system. Don’t think you can just send in your damaged kicks every year and expect a posh refund or a brand new pair of kicks. Nike’s return policy must deem the sneaker flawed before you get a return or exchange. The company keeps its definition of defective and flawed products vague, so it might be difficult for consumers to determine whether something is the fault of the manufacturer or just a part of the sneaker’s normal wear and tear.

The company can and will deny your return should you try to abuse the policy, and it doesn’t accept returns based on normal wear and tear. So runners, don’t consider this a freebie option for replacing your worn-out shoes every year. In this case, maybe you shouldn’t just do it unless absolutely necessary.

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