Naked Woman Wearing Body Paint Walks Around a Maryland Mall

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Naked Woman Wearing Body Paint Walks Around in a Maryland Mall


The mall is a place for mall walkers, mall stalkers, foodies, booties, children, pilgrims, families, personalities and sometimes shopping.  Because a mall is an ocean of tile and store fronts.  It’s a place to go when it’s raining.  Sometimes it’s a place to gather. You might get there early enough you may miss the crowds and snatch some sales.  If you get to the mall midday you’ll walk with the crowds.  If you get there later you can catch some food, a movie or a comedy show.  Some malls have Ferris wheels, water parks and skating rinks.  Some others get school fairs, raffles, lotteries, birthday parties, car contests and some even have bowling allies.  Seems like, if you get there on one particular day you get to see a naked woman wearing body paint as a social experiment.


But do they have naked women walking around in excellent body paint?  Nope, not every day.  Like ever, except one time that we now know.  Although, we look forward to Santa or Chanukah Harry.  Or when the farmers come with their petting zoo.  Not sure I’ve ever seen a naked person walking around the mall with body paint.

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Professional mother/daughter body painters spent hours painting everyday clothes on a naked model in Towson, Maryland.  Jen the Body Painter decided to do an intriguing social experiment.  She and her daughter spent approximately three hours painting a nice fall outfit on their model.  Of course, she wore pasties and a thong underneath the make-up, a scarf around her neck and a hat. Furthermore, Aside from these small accessories, she was pretty much naked.  So, she walked through the mall to see if people would notice and react to a woman wearing body paint.


The human body is a fascinating and innovative canvas. However, body painting is an artistic practice that has followed us from prehistoric times.  The first modern appearance of body art materialized in the 30s with a Max Factor makeup campaign.  Body art today is often found in political protest, at sports games in support of a team or at festivals.  Not usually in a mall.  So, how would you react if a naked woman wearing spectacular body paint was walking around in your mall?

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Give a voice to the voiceless!

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