10 Things We Wish WE Had in College, The Wild, Wild Days

Give a voice to the voiceless!

10 Things We Wish WE Had in College, The Wild, Wild Days

College is fun

It’s interesting how advances in technology and the food industry can change our culture. For those of us who are just a handful of years out of college, we can look back and see a clear difference between our student life and that of those now attending.

In fact, it seems our generation might be getting into certain things now just because they weren’t around in college, and here are 10 big ones:

1. Juice cleanse systems

“Juicing” has been a thing for a very long time, but not necessarily their systems. Not only can you purchase sets of pre-made juices at your local healthy-food mart, but you can now have these entire collections mailed to you directly. Back in the day, when you wanted to cleanse your person, you would have to make a trek that would oftentimes be dismissed before it even began. Pizza came so much easier.

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2. Mind-blowing EDM festivals

Yes, electronic dance music festivals have been around for decades. However, these days, they pull out all the stops and are more widespread than ever before. Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) has spread throughout the country like wildfire after getting its start in SoCal back in the late ’90s, and new additions like TomorrowWorld force competitors to stay on their toes. Holy mind fuck.

3. Hashtags

That pretty much sums it up.

4. Kale & quinoa 

Oh, the super foods! Yes, kale was always hiding in the produce section at your local grocer in college, but NOW there are so many more inventive ways to eat your greens. Heck, even some of those pizza joints you and your friends used to frequent probably use it as a topping! Don’t even get me started on quinoa. I had never even heard of quinoa until last decade, and now it is found in more places than sand after spring break.

5. Twerking

Sorry for the nightmares.

6. Netflix binges

Whenever you had a nasty hangover or were burnt out from studying, you either had to trek to the video store for new things to watch or cross your fingers that TBS had something mildly amusing on. Now, it’s easier than ever to nurse yourself back to good health with the least amount of effort possible. The whole world has caught on, too.

7. Drunken gay marriage

Remember hearing that story about the dumb frat douche who sloppily eloped with that Tri-Delt ditz? Well, thanks to gay marriage being legal in many states, the plot might just thicken a little bit.


8. GrubHub & Seamless

Back in the day, you were lucky to have more delivery options than pizza, wraps and Chinese food. Now, with these new sites/apps, you have a plethora of delicious delights to choose from whilst binging on NetFlix.

9. Dating/hookup apps

Back in the day, you had the good, old websites for finding that special someone. Now, we have apps that will tell you how close that person is to your current location. We also have apps with varying levels of built-in understood promiscuity. Hey, it would have been lots of fun in college, so why not do it now, right? Love is in the air … I suppose.

10. Fireball shots

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you haven’t been to a pub lately. I can only assume this shot is a go-to for many a college student across the country because it has certainly become a go-to for lots of working-class folk at bars I frequent. With the tasty flavor of cinnamon complimented by a little warmth, Fireball goes down surprisingly smooth. It’s a crowd pleaser.

Give a voice to the voiceless!


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