The Lessons of Mothers Days Past

Give a voice to the voiceless!

The Lessons of Mothers Days Past


It comes around every year, and I usually just call up my mom and grandma and that’s it. This year, however, I started thinking about when it would finally be my turn. It’s not easy being a woman. I think we can all agree on that. But it becomes especially difficult as one nears thirty and starts seriously wanting that whole “motherhood” thing to happen. Mothers Days are nice and all, but you can only see so many women with their babies and their husbands having adorable brunch together before the jealousy overtakes one. And by one, I mean me with all the Mother’s Days in the past. But here are some things that Mothers Day taught me this year:

1. Chubby babies are like adorable dogs: I can’t help but squeal and cry out when I see them.

2. This embarrasses the people who are with me.

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3. Brunch can take a lifetime when your mom orders a cup of hot water to drink with the tea bag she brought herself in her purse.

4. Having a partner is great in general, but I have never appreciated him more than when he acted as a buffer between me and my mom on these days.

5. I’m obsessed with flowers, and I can’t wait to be the recipient of some of the beautiful blooms I saw everyone holding on the train on Sunday.

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6. One must book in advance if one wants to do absolutely anything on Mother’s Days.

7. New Yorkers take Mothers Day very seriously. Every other human we came into contact with wished my mom a happy Mother’s Day. It was sweet and also irritating.

8. The conversation of me having kids was brought up multiple times, which I didn’t mind. What I did mind was that this led to a whole slew of conversations about me when I was little and all the problems my mom had raising me: less cute subject matter.

Who knows, maybe next year will be better. One can only hope.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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