These Five Foods Are Best for the Healthiest Hair

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These Five Foods Are Best for the Healthiest Hair


Everybody wants healthy hair, right?  Lustrous, curly, bushy, shiny, long, short, whatever it is, you want it to be healthy.  And every woman wants to have the best and healthiest hair they can.  But the right shampoo or hair products are only one way to keep your hair healthy.  What you eat has a huge impact and can’t be forgotten.  So if you want healthy hair, take note of these yummy five foods you should know to get it and keep it that way.


The nutritionist Anrea Giancoli says that salmon is a great delivery system for several nutrients your hair always needs.  Salmon has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12.  But let’s not forget it also has iron which is also key to strong healthy hair.  So eat salmon once a week.  It will keep your hair radiant.  But it will also keep your scalp healthy too, keeping you dandruff free.


In general, all green vegetables are great to eat to maintain healthy hair, but the most recommended is Spinach.  That’s because spinach is really rich in the vitamins A and C.  Those are high enough to help strengthen hair roots.  That means healthier growth and less hair loss.  Grow your hair, keep your hair!


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Chicken and eggs also play a major role in delivering important nutrients to your hair.  To keep your hair from getting all dull and tangled, you need vitamins B12 and B7.  That means poultry!  So eat chicken and eggs to keep your hair bushy and bouncy.


Grains contain biotin which prevents hair from becoming brittle. And nuts are rich in zinc, maintaining your hair’s color and keeping it lustrous. Soybeans are the most recommended because they contain the highest protein count, iron and zinc.


Food made from fermented milk is indeed rich in healthy nutrients. This is especially true for your hair’s needs. Yes, yogurt contains a lot of calcium which is an essential mineral to keep your hair growing. So, you should not forget yoghurt on your daily menu.

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