The Reindeer Boob Sweater Trend: Your Ugly Side in a Bizarre Design

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The Reindeer Boob Sweater Trend, Your Ugly Side in a Bizarre Design


It’s that time of year to pull out your ugly Christmas sweater.  But, have you asked yourself, are there any other options for your own bizarre design?  Is there another way you can demonstrate your love for the bizarre that says “I love the holidays!”?  Well, there is.  Really, you can decorate your boob as Rudolph or Blitzen or Whomever.  It’s the biggest and wildest rage.  And people are having a lot of fun.  Women and men are doing it.  So why don’t you show up to your office party with a boob out, all in the name of holiday cheer? Come on, let’s get your ugly on.


For the past few decades, the ugly Christmas sweater has emerged.  But the fifties offered the first emergence of these Christmas sweaters with a “Jingle Bells Sweater” which gained unexceptional popularity. Then the eighties were a bigger proponent of this, with the awesome all season bad sweaters we saw everywhere.  Iconic television families like the Huxtables heavily wore the fugly sweaters.  Their dad was an avid bad sweater wearer and often wore clashing colors with bizarre designs. Luckily, he didn’t decorate his boob.

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The Griswold family was next.  Chevy Chase himself got to wear a few pretty bad sweaters, which helped mainstream the idea to the public.  There wasn’t much ugly sweater going on in the nineties, but it caught on again in the new millennium.  So ugly Christmas sweater parties were all the rage and several books came out offering people the how-to-pursue a bizarre design, with irony and seriousness. The book “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book: The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Ugly On” is highly recommended if you want to get your ugly on.


Now, the newest trend to get your bad sweater on is revealing your breast (men and women) and decorating your boob to look like a reindeer.  So all you need to do is paint your nipple red or black. You can add a few sparkles, eyes (googly are the best), antlers and finish it off with your own smile.  And there you have your own bizarre design!

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