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Let’s Talk: Are you ready?

Here’s another reader contribution. It seems like we’re getting more than post requests on Loveawake. But I appreciate the effort. I enjoy the topics being raised. So let’s continue to talk!

“I’ve been ready for a long time already,” says my friend from Craigslist. While I am very much hesitant to date men from Craigslist with countless walls of defense mechanisms around me, my friend has been opening up herself to love for the longest time.

We’re total opposites, my friend and I. I think too much. I overanalyze. I am very self defensive as one wrong move of a guy earns my wrath as I never want to see them again in an effort to self-preserve and make sure I don’t get hurt. My friend’s always been a believe in love, dates Craigslist men, gets hurt but still forgives a lot, and even something really uncalled for done to her does not earn her hate – rather, she still sees the good, and nothing more.

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One day we talked and I told her that I wish that I had her optimism, and she told me that she wished that she was as firm as I am. Realizing that we are total opposites, we both agreed that we needed some middle ground.

And I totally agree. One can believe in love but still be a little bit careful. One can take care of himself without being too selfish. One should also know when to forgive , and when to start letting go of a useless connection.

Sad as it may say, I prefer to stay in the cold side of the ocean. It’s a sad truth but my heart is too fragile to risk getting hurt. I do applaud those people who are brave enough to get into a Craigslist relationship, or date being alright with the fact that they could get hurt in the process. Because as they say, no pain, no gain, and you wouldn’t find out what you’re looking for if you don’t actually look for it.

Well, are you like me, my friend, or the balanced kind?

Personally, if you consider the pros and cons at face value, you can determine which is the wisest choice. Balanced. However, I believe that there’s no perfect formula to ensure security. Being “balanced” isn’t just a stationary state. Human behaviour isn’t easily quantifiable. Relating will vary from person to person. Craigslist Relationships will require you to risk, to sacrifice, to believe — to gather enough courage to try. I reckon we can liken this to crossing a rope with a bar in hand. Your experience will be different at every step. You adjust. You risk losing your balance. You can endure the blisters and strain. You believe. Because you know what you need to do — to get to the other side.

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