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It is the culmination of typically twelve long years of studying and hard work. You put on your long robe and ridiculously square hat with a tassel, and you walk across the stage to shake your principal’s hand, do my math homework for me and receive your diploma. Graduation is a celebration of a young person’s academic achievement until that point. It is also a jumping off point where students who have been treated largely the same for most of their lives will diverge onto dramatically different paths as they enter adulthood. While everyone?s diploma looks the same on graduation day, different students are likely to receive different types of high school diplomas. The quality and type of coursework you completed in high school can determine which kind of degree you will earn, and this may partially dictate where you will go upon leaving high school.

General Diploma

Each school has a set of requirements for receiving a diploma. This typically involves earning a specified number of course hours and completing certain general education requirements. The number of hours you need and the specific courses required of all students vary depending on state and sometimes even local school district. For instance, some states require that all high school students take four years of math and English, regardless of what kind of diploma they will receive. Some schools may require everyone to take a physical education class or a year of foreign language, while others may not. If you are unsure what classes are absolutely necessary for you to graduate, you should check your school handbook or ask your guidance counselor to make sure that you are on the right path.

International Baccalaureate Diploma

Some schools may offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program. This program acknowledges students as meeting global expectations for university readiness. IB is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Students who participate in this program will write an extended research essay of at least 4000 words. They will work with a teacher on this process. Students are also required to take a Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course, which aims to provide a better understanding of how multiple disciplines interact. Finally, students must pass an oral presentation and a 1500 word essay to receive this addition to the high school diploma. Due to budgetary and political reasons, however, not all schools provide students the opportunity to participate in this program.

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