You Can PRINT a Gun in the Texas Statehouse Tomorrow

You Can PRINT a Gun in the Texas Statehouse Tomorrow

Hello Texas. Just a heads up: Everyone might want to avoid Texas tomorrow.

The gun-rights group Come and Take It Texas, part of the larger Come and Take It America, is planning a rather bizarre protest in the Texas statehouse on the first day of the state legislature. Check out the event here.

The main mission of Come and Take It Texas, or CATI to you gun nuts, is to “to restore Texas to a constitutional second amendment state. We want the right to defend ourselves and loved ones as we see fit.” I personally don’t see what the problem is here. As TheBlot Magazine has suggested before, we sorta thought that people in Texas were just issued guns at birth at this point. Nevertheless, the Texas legislature is weighing whether or not to scrap what is perhaps the state’s last remaining gun-control law it has left, the law prohibiting open-carry handguns. The bill that would accomplish this, HB 195, has already been filed.


In support of that bill, CATI will be holding a day-long protest in the state Capitol building tomorrow, the same day the Texas legislature convenes for its 2015 session. According to the text from the invite, the legislature will convene at “high noon.” OK, high noon? What century are these people living in?

The invitation reminds people that “this is an open carry event. Same as always no chambered rounds in long guns. Black powders are strongly encouraged. Rubber training guns, bananas or constitutions in holsters are awesome and preferred, so that you can join the activities taking place inside the Capitol.” OK, a special prize for anyone snapping a photo of one of these nuts walking around with a banana on their hip. Lastly, the invitation asks people to “bring as many wife’s and kiddos as you can.” How many wives do these people have? And do they have to be YOUR kids? 

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But bringing kids and wives that may or may not be yours isn’t the most worrisome thing about this. That goes to the group’s plans to print, yes, PRINT, guns inside the Capitol building for people. Seriously, check out its press release boasting the group’s purchasing of a Ghost Gunner, a 3-D printer capable of printing a virtually untraceable and undetectable gun right before you eyes. According to the manufacturer’s website, the machine retails from $1,500. Sadly, and something that should have all of us worried, the Ghost Gunner is currently sold out. You can hold one, though, with a $250 nonrefundable deposit.

You may be asking, just how easy is it to print a gun using a 3-D printer? Frighteningly, very. Check out a demonstration of the Ghost Gunner here:

3-D printed guns aren’t really that new. And they’ve run afoul of the law in the past, but the technology is outpacing the legislation, or lack thereof, at this point. And it will take some time for state and federal legislatures to act. But in Texas, Texas very well may choose to do nothing at all.


So, again, just avoid Austin, Texas, tomorrow, and well, maybe for the time being.


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