Wrongfully Accused a Spy, Chinese American Professor Xiaoxing Xi Sues Rogue FBI Agents

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Wrongfully Accused a Spy, Chinese American Professor Xiaoxing Xi Sues Rogue FBI Agents

Xiaoxing Xi: I sued the rogue FBI agents to get my name back

XIAOXING XI, a Chinese American physics professor at Temple University and world-renowned expert on superconductors, filed a federal lawsuit against FBI agent Andrew Haugen on May 10, 2017, accusing him of falsifying key evidence in allegations that Xi had leaked the technology of a pocket heater to China, NBC News and The New York Times reported. USA today shared an emphatic story authored by Professor Xiaoxing Xi’s daughter JOYCE XI, titled: To get my father, Xiaoxing Xi, FBI twisted America’s ideals: Joyce Xi.

JOYCE XI, a Yale graduate and professor Xi’s daughter has been assisting Professor Xi with his belated lawsuit against rogue FBI agents.

The filed civil rights lawsuit is here: Professor Xiaoxing Xi Sues FBI agent Andrew Haugen, Others.

According to the lawsuit against the FBI and rogue FBI agent Andrew Haugen, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigated the Chinese-born scientist as a spy for China. Agents stormed his house in the Philadelphia suburbs and arrested him in the early hours of May 21, 2015. His wife and two daughters were held at gunpoint as a handcuffed Xi was led away. Professor Xiaoxing Xi was stripped searched and his photos were plastered all over the world as a Chinese spy.


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The professor faced four charges of wire fraud that accused him of attempting to help Chinese researchers become “world leaders of the superconductivity field,” by sharing blueprints of a pocket heater with them through email communication.

However, the case collapsed months later after leading physicists testified that the blueprints were not for a pocket heater, but a device invented by Xi.

“It was obvious to anyone who looked carefully that Professor Xi had not sent any information about the technology that he was charged with unlawfully sharing,” Jonathan Feinberg, one of Xi’s lawyers, told NBC News. “The FBI agents chose to skin an Asian immigrant.”

In his lawsuit, professor Xiaoxing Xi said the government misconduct has ruined his life: He was suspended from his job at Temple University, lost his title as the interim chair of the university’s Physics Department and was prohibited from entering campus or speaking with students.

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He continued to fear “all the time” that the FBI was watching everything he was doing even after returning to teaching.

“My case has made so many law-abiding scientists scared,” Xi said in an interview. “It has made so many Chinese Americans and Asian Americans scared. That’s why we are suing the government for their misconduct. We need some accountability.”

Professor Xiaoxing Xi’s constitutional rights protected by the U.S. constitution were violently taken away from him.

He requested an apology from the FBI agents who had violently arrested him and turned his life upside down, though understanding that “they will probably never apologize.” Bigotry remains the sore of an authoritarian government, as seen in Russia and North Korea.


Professor Xi, who holds a Ph.D. in physics from Peking University in the Chinese capital in 1987, is among several Chinese American scientists who had federal criminal indictments dismissed in recent years.

Over a period of 10 months, from 2014-2015, at least three federal criminal indictments of Chinese-American scientists were dismissed prior to any trial. This includes dismissal of the cases against Professor Xi (case dismissed in September 2015), Sherry Chen, a hydrologist with the U.S. National Weather Service in Ohio (case dismissed in March 2015), and Guoqing Cao and Shuyu Li, senior biologists at Eli Lilly & Company (cases dismissed in December 2014).

Professor Xi, who was innocent of all of the charges, believed that he was being singled out for no legal reasons and because of ethnic bias and prejudice directed at him and other Chinese-American academics and scientists who were engaged in research with colleagues in China.

Last year, the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC) sent a letter to the US Justice Department, demanding an independent investigation into whether race, ethnicity, or national origin played a part in those cases.

“In the cases of Sherry Chen, Xi Xiaoxing, Cao Guoqing, and Li Shuyu, each were accused of espionage-related crimes only to have all charges against them later dropped,” CAPAC Chair Judy Chu stressed. “Their lives were turned upside down simply because they were emailing while being Asian American.”

Not a lone fighter against rogue FBI agents

Professor Xi is not alone fighting back against rogue FBI agents. Chinese American financier and investigative journalist BENJAMIN WEY has been fighting his war against outright lies and falsified evidence by New York rogue FBI agents MATT KOMAR and THOMAS MCGUIRE. Jewish money manager DAVID GANEK also sued New York federal prosecutors in Preet Bharara’s office for falsifying FBI search warrants. The highly publicized cases involving these well-known Wall Street financiers have implicated the same fraudulent FBI agent MATT KOMAR and FBI agent THOMAS MCGUIRE.


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A venerable New York federal judge held a rare “Franks Hearing” on Jan 23, 2017 to investigate if “the Government acted in good faith.” Quoting from media reports: the notorious FBI agent MATT KOMAR (shield #22666), who repeatedly lied under oath, is the same lying fraudster being sued for fraud in David Ganek vs. Matt Komar, FBI etc. for fabricating evidence, ruining fund manager David Ganek and Level Global – costing them $4 billion, found in SDNY federal judge Pauley III’s court decision against Matt Komar, exposed in a 2nd Circuit court brief – reported by Reuters, Fortune, The New York TimesWall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC – David Ganek is an American hero.


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Rogue FBI agent THOMAS MCGUIRE (NY Bar registration #3020781), a racist who’s totally confused between China and Chinatown, is an uneducated moron who daydreamed about normal market activities in false affidavits, also lied extensively under oath, is a repeat lawbreaker at least twice previously exposed in United States Vs. Metter and United States Vs. Jean-Pierre Neuhaus for manufacturing evidence –

“Who should I believe [between two FBI agents’ sworn testimony]?…it wasn’t a fog of memory… FBI Agent Thomas McGuire was prepped… It was a specific memory inconsistent with what Agent Thomas McGuire had testified to.”

– Federal Judge Alison Nathan said in a post Franks Hearing (Feb 17, 2017).

FBI Agent THOMAS MCGUIRE, MATT KOMAR, Mario Pisano, David Massey, Tracy Timbers, Richards Kibbe Orbe, Daniel Zinman, William Uchimoto, Jeffrey Bloom, Robert Colby, FINRA, Ed Knight, Nasdaq

DAVID MASSEY, a fraudulent and racist former SDNY prosecutor was caught fabricating a Nasdaq listing rule, whose tiny Richards, Kibbe & Orbe is deeply conflicted from double-dipping William Uchimoto, an American hero ruined by David Massey‘s fake story. The Franks Hearing was reported by New York Law Journal, Law 360. These filthy agents have murdered DAVID GANEK and BENJAMIN WEY’s Fourth Amendment and Fifth Amendment rights. To cover up a fabricated DOJ case, they attempted but failed to muzzle their free speech and assassinate their First Amendment right. Exposing these facts serves the public interest and alerts the media.

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TRACY TIMBERS, DAVID MASSEY, Richards Kibbe Orbe, Daniel Zinman, Bill Orbe, Jon Kibbe, Margaret Meyers, Rowan Gaither, Stephanie Tsay, Melissa Hodgman, SEC, Greg Miller, Buchanan Ingersoll

On August 12, 2016, the malicious FBI rogue agents MATT KOMAR, THOMAS MCGUIRE, DAVID MASSEY were slammed in a federal court filing for repeatedly cheating and lying to Magistrate Judge Michael Dolinger… intentionally manipulated the trading data… repeatedly defrauded the court. These reckless liars make “a mockery of the notion that Americans enjoy the protection of due process of the law.”

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