12 World Cup Players We Wouldn’t Kick Out of Bed

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12 World Cup Players We Wouldn't Kick Out of Bed

Well, we at TheBlot Magazine have done pretty much everything to keep you hooked on the 2014 FIFA World Cup fever.

From giving you an introduction to this game known in America as “soccer” and being thrilled with every step achieved by the American soccer team to showing the fashion and trends of the World Cup and a dynamic travel guide with what to do in the 12 cities hosting the matches, yes, we’ve got you covered!

Two weeks have passed since that opening ceremony fiasco; many teams have gone home already and now we are headed to the quarter finals. In less than two weeks, we will watch the final match, and the world will have the 2014 soccer champion. Sweat, screams, tears of joy and sadness, losers and winners … emotions are so high that we can almost want to jump into the TV to be there.

And if the game isn’t exciting enough to keep the blood pumping into our hearts in an out-of-control speed, then we have those handsome soccer players, so full of emotions and with perfect muscles covered by the lightest jerseys. And when they score a goal, you can almost witness an explosion of testosterone on the TV screen. Although some of the players in the list below will no longer play in the next phase, together with the ones who are still in the chase, these 12 soccer players form an incredible group of men who would break, steal and put a smile on any heart.

1. Aurélien Chedjou, Cameroon

Although Cameroon was eliminated, the defender Aurélien, with those quiet, shy eyes can sure cause some turmoil in any field.


2. Ezequiel Lavezzi, Argentina

If the smile and the body are just perfect, then you have the latter covered with the sexiest tattoos.

3. Mitch Langerak, Australia

So handsomely young, this Australian goalkeeper makes it all look so illegal.

4. Ha Daesung, Korea Republic

The midfielder player who is just all about style.

5. Kevin-Prince Boateng, Ghana

The forward player was sent home early for disciplinary reasons … he still looks good playing or not.

6. Hulk, Brazil

The man has the most beautiful and biggest butt of them all, move over Kim Kardashian.

7. Xabi Alonso, Spain

He was the midfielder of the defeated Spain, but in our book he is a real Greek God.

8. Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal

The strong legs of the sexy Cristiano wasn’t enough to advance the Portugal team, but he sure looked amazing.

9. Claudio Marchisio, Italy

Can you resist the blue eyes and that perfect hair?

10. Fabian Johnson, United States

Go USA!! This is the one you want to take home and introduce him to your family … and make all your friends jealous.

11. Olivier Giroud, France

He has it all: the body, the hair, the eyes, the face, the tattoos …

12. Diego Perez, Uruguay

Diego is the epitome of the two words “hot hunk!”

Gazelle Paulo is a contributing writer for TheBlot Magazine. He also writes a column for NewYorkSPY.com. You can follow him on Twitter.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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