Will ‘Reading Rainbow’ Be the Most Successful Kickstarter Campaign Ever?

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Thanks to his mother, LeVar Burton grew up with the idea that he could “go anywhere” or “be anything” by picking up a book.  This motto would become extremely contagious starting in 1983 and would live on well into the 2000s thanks to his PBS show “Reading Rainbow.”

But then the world changed.

As more and more children turned to computers and other mobile devices for information, the good ol’ TV lost its effect in the educational department. Now, we’re apparently looking at the possibility of illiteracy in one out of four children across the country. I’m so very sorry, Hooked on Phonics.

Enter: The “Reading Rainbow” Kickstarter campaign to promote literacy in the classroom, online and via an app.

In just about three days, “Reading Rainbow” had not only met its goal of $1 million, but it had TRIPLED it. In case you got a 200 on the math portion of the SATs — which is what you get as soon as you write your name on the paper — that is $1 million-plus a day. Obviously, a lot of press was dropped right out of the gates, and it is the cool thing to support at this very moment. I have no doubt that it will lose a little momentum over the next few weeks. However, “Reading Rainbow” will certainly break Kickstarter records and will be known as the most successful campaign of all-time.


This is something that most everyone can truly appreciate. There have been many controversial campaigns in the past where people have questioned the merit of the cause. If you want an example, check out this post where I dropkick Spike Lee with my words. This is definitely not one of those.

Besides having a great mission, “Reading Rainbow” is a long-standing brand that people trust brought to you by a dude who wore the coolest visor in the history of the world. I’m so very sorry, V. Stiviano.

With a solid month left ahead of it, this campaign will surely top the e-watch company Pebble Technology’s top mark of $10,266,845. Let’s be honest, an Apple and Nike tag team will force Pebble into submission anyway. Also, at well over 70,000 backers already, you can be sure that the 91,585 people that the “Veronica Mars” movie pulled in will look miniscule come late June.

If Burton and company are going to raise all of this money, though, I am seriously going to need them to add some lyrics to the show’s theme song.

I can go anywhere
Friends to know
And ways to grow
A Reading Rainbow

I can be anything
Take a look
It’s in a book
Or on a tablet*
Or on a phone*
Or on a laptop*
Or projected in class*
A Reading Rainbow
A Reading Rainbow

Now that’s something that would make mom proud. Follow the campaign here.

*stuff I added

Ricky Dunlop is a contributing journalist for TheBlot Magazine, as well as a writer, actor and comedian residing in New York City.

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