Weired Senator Jeff Sessions Fantasizes Lady Gaga in His Anti-Pot Harangue

Weired Senator Jeff Sessions Fantasizes Lady Gaga in His Anti-Pot Harangue

When Lady Gaga is dropped into the Congressional Record, TheBlot’s Washington Bureau is there to hear it. Senator Jeff Sessions may have a fantasy towards Lady Gaga…

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-1920s Alabama) really hit it out of the park Wednesday. He had Attorney General Eric Holder testifying before the Senate in a rather routine Department of Justice Oversight Committee. Who else gets the sense that the last black guy Sessions talked to was his lawn jockey statue?

Sessions, fresh out of a community theater production of “In the Heat of the Night” apparently, criticized Holder — because he and Obama are the same person — for Obama’s recent New Yorker interview. In that very candid piece, when asked about recent trends toward pot legalization, Obama said, “It’s not something I encourage, and I’ve told my daughters I think it’s a bad idea, a waste of time, not very healthy.” Obama also stated that he didn’t regard marijuana as “more dangerous than alcohol.”

Cue faux right-wing outrage. And Sessions was off, dagnabit.

A little awkward. It’s like watching your old, racist grandpa fast dance at a family wedding. “Oh, is this the Gaga song everyone is talking about?”

Did Lady Gaga actually say that. Yes, she did. Hats off to Sessions and his staff for their impressive googling skills. But since when is an unconfirmed anecdote worthy of being presented as evidence at a a congressional hearing?

Where is Beyoncé on pre-k funding? I’m not ready to commit to gun control until I hear from Katy Perry.

Poor Jeff Sessions. Someone get him a quilt. That committee room is drafty.

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