Weirdest Week In History: Butt-Dialing Burglars, Peeing in Coffee, and Cloning John Lennon

Weirdest Week In History Butt-Dialing Burglars, Peeing in Coffee, and Cloning John Lennon

The weirdest week in history

Here’s how journalists covered some of the weird stuff that happened this past week:

Woman Calls Police Over Pot Problem: If you buy a defective product or you get bad customer service at a restaurant, there’s usually a customer service number you can call to remedy the situation. But who do you call if you think you’ve gotten substandard pot from your local dealer? Evelyn Hamilton, 37, apparently thought the appropriate number to dial was 9-1-1. The Lufkin, Texas resident allegedly complained to police that her dealer refused to refund her money. After showing officers the subpar pot, she was arrested for “possession of drug paraphernalia.” [Associated Press]

Burglars Butt-Dial Cops During Crime: A pair of would-be thieves were foiled by police after one burglar accidentally pocket-dialed 9-1-1 — not once, but twice — during a break-in at a car repair shop on April Fool’s Day. Police found Justin Evans, 38, and his partner-in-crime Todd Weiss, 32, attempting to flee the scene while carrying a box and a large television set. Both men were booked into jail on third-degree burglary charges.  [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]


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Chinese Artist Sells French Air For $860: A jar of air reportedly collected from a mountain resort in southern France sold at auction for $860 this week. Artist Liang Kegang captured the air in a jar during a recent business trip to Provence and decided to put the air up for auction to bring awareness to air quality problems in China. The artist isn’t the only one to capitalize on China’s foul air — someone is selling cans of presumably fresh air on the Chinese website Taobao for $3 a pop. [Associated Press]

Dentist Seeks to Clone Beatle From Tooth: A Canadian dentist has big plans after purchasing one of John Lennon’s teeth at auction two years ago. Dr. Michael Zuk recently told Britain’s Channel 4 that he hopes to clone Lennon from DNA on the tooth and raise the clone as his son. “He would still be his exact duplicate,” Zuk said, “but you know, hopefully keep him away from drugs and cigarettes, that kind of thing.” Current technology doesn’t allow for such cloning, something Zuk acknowledges, but he hopes that scientific advances will one day make his dream possible. [NME]

Coffee Pot Pee Costs Man $5,000: A jury in Virginia awarded a man $5,001 in damages after drinking coffee that was tainted by a co-worker with urine. James Butler admitted to putting his urine in the coffee several years ago, something he said was done out of “ill will and spite,” according to court records. The victim, Michael Utz, had asked the jury to award him over $700,000, but the jury found Butler was liable for just $1 in compensatory damages and $5,000 in punitive damages. Utz’s lawyer says he’s happy with the verdict. [Culpepper Star-Exponent]


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Woman Uses McDonald’s as Personal Spring Break: The story of a topless woman ransacking a Florida McDonald’s went viral after employees at the fast-food chain uploaded surveillance footage to a video-sharing website earlier this week. According to police, 41-year-old Sandra Suarez first attempted to solicit oral sex from a McDonald’s employee. When the employee turned her down, she allegedly went on a bender inside the restaurant, destroying a cookie case and helping herself to fries and ice cream. Suarez told a local TV station that the breakdown was due to a bipolar episode. The McDonald’s employees who posted the video of the incident online have since been fired. [WTVT]

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