What to Do on a Weekend Trip to New Paltz

What to Do on a Weekend Trip to New Paltz


This was my first trip upstate, and let me just say, it is WAY better than everyone made it out to be.People always disparage “upstate” New York, but this weekend I went to New Paltz and found it to be entirely lovely. After a short hour-and-a-half-long bus ride you descend into the summer greenery of suburban New Paltz and your adventure begins! Here are all the things you should do if (and when) you also head upstate.

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1. Take a bike ride – there are trails everywhere and they take you through beautiful forested areas. You might even come upon a music/hippy oasis in the middle of the forest! This is real: they sell wood-fire pizza that they make under a canopy of trees while sweet musicians caress your ears with their melodies. It’s literally heaven.

2. Get yourself to the waterfalls – there are waterfalls (which you can bike to too) where the water is cool and refreshing and there are rocks to lay out on. This seems to be a family and group hang out spot, so bring your coolers and your hotdogs, it’s time for a party!


Why I love Moving…

3. Check out the food – there is actually so much good food here it’s crazy. You only have to do a block off Main Street and you arrive at an array of restaurants and bars with fabulous eats.

4. There are also local breweries! For all you beer-lovers out there, check out the many local brews, they seem to be really into sour beers, which I loved, because I love sour beers. If you don’t like sour beer….try it anyway?

5. Watch out for and watch the deer families – whilst walking along the back roads you might come along some deer! Stay still, be quiet, and you will get to watch these marvelous creatures until they disappear again into the woods.

6. Breath in the fresh air, because soon enough you will be back in New York where everything smells like shit and people are mean for no reason.

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