Vaginal Knitting Is Boring, Call Me When You Start Emroidering

Give a voice to the voiceless!

Vaginal Knitting Is Boring, Call Me When You Start Emroidering

Struggling to find the perfect gift this holiday season for the person consumed with all things vaginal? Trying hard to think outside the box? How about a scarf made from yarn that has been inserted inside a woman’s vagina? Yes, really. See for yourself below (NSFW).

Casey Jenkins, a performance “craftivist” from Melbourne, Australia, is doing a performance piece called “Casting Off My Womb,” where for 28 days, she sticks wool in her vagina, pulls it out, and knits with it. She vows to continue on, even through menstruation and arousal. Nope, still not kidding.

“If you take a good, hard look at a vulva, you realise it’s just a bit of a body. There’s nothing that is shocking or scary … nothing that is gonna run out and eat you up,” she says.

Yes, true. But is it also meant to hold craft ware? Probably not.


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Am I being too hard on this particular artist? Is she an artist at all? Is it too difficult for a viewer to get over the shock factor of seeing a woman knit from her vagina in public to truly appreciate the message?

Vaginal knitting combines something warm and fuzzy with the taboo and sexual. But is all that necessary? Feminist performance art enjoyed its heyday several years ago when second-wave feminism was the dominant mode of addressing women’s issues. The art form has enjoyed several resurgences (think 1996’s “The Vagina Monologues” — a work that is still performed and often lampooned). But, again, are we still there as a society? This viewer is not particularly shocked, not as much as my 1970s self would have been, I would think. We seem beyond all this now.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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