Was Rand Paul Pulled Over Last Night in D.C.?


Was Rand Paul Pulled Over Last Night in D.C.

We’ve got an anonymous tip here, folks. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky – a GOP lynchpin and noted Tea Party / Koch Brothers enthusiast – was pulled over by law enforcement yesterday at around 5pm at an intersection in Washington D.C. No other media outlet has reported on the story but thanks to an eagle-eyed reader, we’ve been able to break this to you first.

At just about 5:15 p.m. I was at the light of 2nd and D. St. N.E.; an MPD and a Capitol Police car had pulled over a car, in it was Rand Paul and another fellow (does he have a brother? It looked just like him). The D.C. cop appeared to be giving him a ticket and discussing it. I was literally right next to them and I rolled down my window hoping to hear what was being said. They saw me roll down my passenger window. I’d suspect they were aware of me (cars were really close). I moved on when light turned green.

If anyone has any tips on what happened yesterday at the corner of 2nd and D St. N.E., don’t hesitate to let us know.

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