Here’s How to Vote if You Are Living Abroad

Here's How to Vote if You Are Living Abroad


So it might seem really difficult to vote if you live abroad.  But IT ISN’T AND YOU HAVE TO VOTE.  So it has never been more important than it is right now to vote. Our democracy literally hangs in the balance, and it is up to us, the voters, to take control. Everyone on the mainland is absolutely required to vote.  But even those of you living abroad can do it. So it may seem difficult but it’s not, and it’s more important than ever. All absentee votes are counted before a winner is officially named, and with many elections being decided by a few thousand votes, yours could make a big difference. So here is how to go about it:

1. Know that you can vote in the midterms AND in local races. You are not allowed to be disenfranchised just because you are currently residing abroad.

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2. So to ensure that you don’t get purged from your state’s voting rolls (yes, that’s a thing, and yes, it’s horrifying), you should re-register and request absentee ballots at the beginning of each calendar year.

3. You will then receive your ballot in the mail. So fill it out, and contact your local voter registration office to ask if they can receive scanned or emailed ballots. But if not, mail it in the old fashioned way.

4. Vote in the state where you most recently resided in the United States.


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5. But make sure to make all requests as early as you can to avoid hold-ups or issues.

6. Make sure to only be registered in one location. If you are going to school outside your home state, you can continue voting there OR switch your residency to your school state and vote there. If one of those states is a swing state, vote there!

7. Make sure your ballot is received after it has been sent off!

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