Vanity Fair: Inner B*tch Comes Out on Gwyneth Paltrow

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Vanity Fair's Inner Btch Comes Out on Gwyneth

Vanity Fair certainly seems to love playing with an angry Gwyneth Paltrow. As the tension between the actress and the mega publication heats up, Vanity Fair has gone all Courtney Shayne on her ass, revealing just who has the upper hand. To give you a refresher course, Paltrow has been boycotting the publication ever since she caught wind of its plan to run an unflattering profile on her, in the same vein as its pieces on Brad Pitt’s nightmare production of “World War Z” and the role that Scientology played in destroying Tom Cruise’s marriage. Graydon Carter, the magazine’s editor in chief, had even asked Paltrow to participate, but she refused. She even asked friends to join her boycott.

“Vanity Fair is threatening to put me on the cover of their magazine,” she wrote in an email to her close friends, according to The New York Times. “If you are asked for quotes or comments, please decline. Also, I recommend you all never do this magazine again.” As TheBlot reported earlier this month, one of her close friends blatantly ignored her plea.


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In response to the criticism, Carter said, “We wouldn’t be doing our job if there wasn’t a little bit of tension between Vanity Fair and its subjects. In any given week, I can expect to hear from a disgruntled subject in Hollywood, Washington, or on Wall Street. That’s the nature of the beast.”

Well, now Carter and the magazine are proving that they’re not just accommodating to the nature of the beast, they are the beast. They are creating — or at least contributing to the creation of — the game that celebrities like Paltrow are forced to play in order to stay relevant and sit at the same table as the Anna Wintours and Harvey Weinsteins of the world. Nothing could be more evident of this than how Carter and the magazine dealt with reports confirming that they were going forward with the slam piece. Instead of downplaying the whole thing, the magazine is “promoting” the piece by “promoting” the Goop founder.

And don’t forget the retrospective that Vanity Fair posted on its website of all of Paltrow’s appearances in the magazine since 1995. It’s so loaded and pointed, emphasizing the exact thing that Paltrow wants to diminish, not just addressing the elephant in the room, but dressing it up and parading it around. It’s like that bitch in your high school who would go around saying things like “Oh my god, I love your corduroy overalls” to the frumpy girls. In other words, it’s super c*nty.

According to Carter, Paltrow “forced my hand.” Translation: “She started it.”


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What started out as an “unflattering” profile is now being described as a major “takedown piece.” Reports are speculating that the article will focus on a possible affair she had back in 2008, when her marriage with Chris Martin was reportedly on the rocks. Sources tell Page Six that Vanity Fair has been investigating her relationship with Miami billionaire Jeff Soffer, who is now married to Elle Macpherson. Rumors of the affair started when Paltrow attended the reopening of his Fontainebleau hotel, spending the night in the private VIP section with Soffer and then later staying at his house. If there is enough evidence out there that points to an affair, it’s totally understandable why Paltrow’s been so vigilant about stopping the story. But then again, isn’t her vigilance becoming another piece of the evidence?


We can’t wait to devour and dissect the piece when it comes out, and observe the fallout that will inevitably surround Paltrow after this feud claims a winner. Right now, it’s looking like Vanity Fair and Carter are in the lead. And we’re also predicting that Paltrow will suddenly come down with a headache after the Oscars and have to go home early.

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