When you Vacation in Italy, Go to Naples

When you Vacation in Italy, Go to Naples


This historic seaside city is filled with a rich culture to match its rich traditional dishes. I recently went on vacation here and, let me tell you, it is worth the unpaid vacation days.  This city is in southern Italy and far from some of the more common Italian vacation spots. It is hours on the train from Rome and worlds away from Venice. The southern Italians in Naples barely consider the north and the south the same country let alone the same culture. So Naples has a mind of its own. Its views, its food, its people contain a depth that continues to fascinate me and has kept me going back, over and over again. Here are some must-see’s if you get the chance to hop over there anytime soon:

1. Vesuvius: it’s literally right there, looming over you, providing both the most beautiful views (and Instagrams) I’ve ever seen while simultaneously reminding you of its constant dormant power. Take your time to revel in its glory.

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2. Pompeii: speaking of Vesuvius, go over to Pompeii. It’s just a short train-ride away from Napoli proper, and there’s really nothing like walking along paths that were made two thousand years ago. The heavy weight of history pervades the air and reminds you how small we are in this world. A humbling experience for sure.

3. Lungomare: this is the road that follows the line of the sea, and at night cars are directed away leaving the street open to wanderers. You can grab a gelato and take a stroll at sunset, or walk home with your family. It is spectacular to take in the sun and the sea without the smell and sound of cars. Take advantage.


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4. Capri: this small luxurious island off the coast of Naples has the capacity to break the bank, but you don’t have to let it. Simply walking up and down its rolling hills provides incredible views of cliffs and sea and sunshine. If you want you can have the most delicious fish you have ever had, but it will cost you a pretty penny.

5. Food: literally all the food is amazing. Each and every trattoria is run by a local family who takes pride in making traditional dishes better than all of their neighbors so they don’t mess around. Of course, in Naples you must eat the pizza. They have been making it for hundreds of years, and I’m pretty sure they were the ones who invented it, but it is also simply the most delectable thing you could ever consume.

I hope you all go and love it as much as I did. I, for one, am already planning when I will be able to go back.

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