Vacation Fun, Here is What to Do in Cornwall, England

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Vacation Fun, Here is What to Do in Cornwall, England


Going to the UK? Come to Cornwall! It is beautiful, quiet and quaint.

I had been to England many times, but I had never been to Cornwall. Cornwall is located in the south-western part of England and can be a little difficult to get to. Once you’re here, however, you will be glad you made the trip. Here is what I did during my time in Cornwall, maybe it will help give you that last little push you need to get you on a plane and over here!

1. Cornwall has a GORGEOUS coast. Every part of it has clear water, idyllic boats, and rolling green hills in the background. It is honestly so picturesque I couldn’t properly take in the beauty of it all. Luckily, I did take pictures. The coast is also perfect for strolling alongside, whether it is cool or warm.

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2. Go to the local cathedrals! Each town has one, and they are incredibly beautiful. They might be super old, or they might have been built at the beginning of the last century, but they were all built in the Victorian style giving them adequate pomp. The choirs are also worth hearing. What voices and what acoustics!


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3. I spent a lovely lunch at a local brewery where they had a Sunday carvery! In Cornwall, you HAVE to go to a carvery. This is basically a meat buffet where you pay a small amount for as much meat, potatoes, carrots, and other fixings you want. The one I went to was right on the water and contained a delightful rosé along with many local ales and lagers.

4. Take a stroll through any town and you will find a local pub that also serves tea. Get yourself a classic cup of English tea and you won’t be sorry! They bring you the whole teapot, real sugar cubes, both brown and white, and even a charming cookie! Best cup of tea I have actually ever had.

5. Next, if it’s raining, which it probably will be, head to the local cinema to catch a new-release. The one I went to had just a few rooms and each one only contained about 25 seats, so in the end it feels like you are sitting in a rich person’s personal home movie theater. The screen is huge but it’s so close it feels like you’re in the movie. It was awesome!

6. Last, but surely not least, get yourself some Indian food. The Indian food in England far surpasses that in most of America, so you can’t leave Cornwall without going out for a curry! The one I had was incredible, and something I had never had before. A win win!

I am so pleased to have passed some time, no matter how brief, in the beautiful region of Cornwall. Until next time!

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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