U.S. governor seeking sex advice consults Jim Duggar

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U.S. governor seeking sex advice consults Jim Duggar

Candidates in governor race in Virginia are looking for new ways to boost ratings. They have landed in the laps of an ideal “role model”: the highly prolific and productive Jim Duggar, an American father who has successfully bread 19 children.

Leading up to the Nov. 5 Virginia governor’s race, Ken “Ain’t No Blow Jobs ‘Round These Parts” Cuccinelli can’t catch a break.

This week, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, known throughout the area as the poor man’s Wall Street Journal, refused outright to endorse anyone for governor. This is impressive in that this right-wing rag never met a Republican or tax cut they didn’t like. The paper noted that “on social issues such as abortion and homosexual rights, Cuccinelli not only takes stands we find objectionable but pursues his divisive agenda with a stridency that was unbecoming in an attorney general and would be unbecoming in a governor.” Ouch.


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Facing a flatlining campaign, Cuccinelli called in an intellectual powerhouse of the right, Jim Bob Duggar.

Jim Bob, his wife and their litter of children are chronicled on a reality show, which I believe is called “19 Broken Condoms and Counting.” This show is broadcast on The Learning Channel, though the “learning” aspect remains elusive to me.

Jim Bob appeared at a Cuccinelli rally, and when pressed on why he’s endorsing him, he stumbled over and over again to get the name of Cuccinelli’s opponent right. Nothing says a ringing, confident endorsement than a tongue-tied hillbilly. Watch the whole uncomfortable display here:

Jim Bob appears alongside his wife, Michelle, who apparently drove to the Cuccinelli rally in a convertible … from Arkansas … in a windstorm. Jim Bob and crew were fresh off a speaking bus tour that included a stop at the Values Voter Summit, where he compared the current political climate to Nazi Germany. The similarities are painfully obvious. Nazi Germany had mass arrests, concentration camps and brutal crackdowns on dissent. America just issued a stamp honoring gay political official Harvey Milk. See? See?!

The bus tour included stumping for Cuccinelli. Though most crowds at the rallies held were doubled by the Duggars themselves. Jim Bob brought his entire crew of children, including Johannah Faith, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, Josiah, Juggernaut, Jeremiah, and Jaundice. You see, the Duggars adhere to the “Quiverfull” principle (seriously, look it up), meaning they see children, the more the merrier, as a blessing and reject all forms of birth control. Most see this as a rejection of feminism and basic family planning.


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When Jim Duggar says “I love my children and my sex.” How would a politician respond? If that doesn’t scare you, how about the idea of Rick Santorum knocking on your door? He’s leading a “strikeforce” (I realize that is not one word, but apparently Santorum does not) of volunteers to drive voters to the polls. Beware Virginia, Santorum’s going to be spreading all over town in the coming days.

Cuccinelli’s opponent Terry McAuliffe continues to expand his lead in the race. Last weekend, he brought in his own powerhouse to shore up support: Hillary Clinton. Though Clinton lacks a tacky, self-aggrandizing reality show, she does have, well, everything else.

In her endorsement speech for McAuliffe, Clinton said that she’s “been out of politics for a few years now, and I’ve had a chance to think a lot about what makes our country so great, what kind of leadership is required to keep it great.” A woman in the audience yelled back: “Yours!”

Tough times ahead for Republicans.

Photo by Flickr user Gage Skidmore

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