TRUMP Shreds CDC Scientist Who Admits Fraud Over MMR, Autism Study

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TRUMP Shreds CDC Scientist Who Admits Fraud Over MMR, Autism Study

Will the New President Do Anything About It?

In 2013 and 2014, Senior Research Scientist for the CDC, William Thompson, made a series of telephone confessions to Dr Brian Hooker, a molecular biologist and an associate professor at Simpson University, in which he admitted that he and other scientists at the CDC had committed fraud by omitting vital data from a study looking at the timing of MMR vaccine and whether receiving it at specific times increased the risk for the development of autism.  He and his team had discovered statistically significant data that showed an elevated risk of autism if the shot was given before 3 years of age.  This risk was particularly high for African American boys, who were 3.6 times more likely to receive an autism diagnosis if vaccinated ‘on time’ than if given the shot after the age of 3.

CDC Accused of Disgarding Evidence of Harm

The CDC felt this presented a problem, but instead of advising the public to delay vaccination, they omitted all references to race and, according to Thompson, put all their hard copies in a big garbage can.  The final study – which was published years late while they tried to play with the data to disguise the effect – concluded MMR was safe and bore no resemblance to the original data.  Unknown to his colleagues, Professor Thompson kept all computer files and hard copies associated with the study, thinking that to destroy them would be illegal and violate the rights of people making freedom of information requests.


One in 68 Children Autistic

As the years rolled by and autism rates sky rocketed to an unbelievable one in 68 children, his conscience began to weigh heavily on him and he decided to help Dr Brian Hooker, who is also the father of an autistic son, find information he had been trying to glean on thimerosal, a 49.6% mercury compound that was present in most of the childhood vaccinations of the 1990’s and early 2000’s and is still present in trace amounts in a few of the vaccines today.

The Explosive Phone Calls

Telling Hooker how to word his FOI request and the specific files to ask for, Thompson opened up to him about the fraud and how he felt ‘great shame’ about the millions of American children that have been left with the life altering disability. Unknown to him, four hours of these phone calls were legally recorded.


Brian Hooker then went public with the whistleblower’s information – information that should have been front page news in every newspaper and TV station in the world. All they got was a deafening silence. Since the fraud became public in the summer of 2014, not a single news outlet would touch it, even when William Thompson issued a statement admitting to his role in the fraud, saying

“I regret that my co-authors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who recieved the MMR vaccine before the age of 36 months were at increased risk for autism.”

Fighting the Media Blackout

The only way that Brian Hooker could get the news out there was to make an independent documentary film. He approached Dr Andrew Wakefield – a gastroenterologist who was struck off and chased out of his own country for suggesting that MMR needed more safety testing – and Del Bigtree, former producer of the TV show, ‘The Doctors’.  Armed with all the documentation the CDC thought had been destroyed, they presented it in the documentary Vaxxed, a film censored by the Tribeca film festival that got more social media buzz than the 2016 movie, Batman v Superman.

Since the scandal hit, only one mainstream media outlet, Fox News, aired the news about the whistleblower, nearly two years after it actually occurred, but the corporate sponsored media underestimated parents.

Parents want to know why one in six children now have a developmental disability, they want to know why nearly half of all children have at least one chronic illness, they want to know why 14.6 children in every 1000 are autistic and why the U.S has the highest first day of life death rate in the developed world.  Parents wanted to see the data that the regulatory agency and media tried to prevent them from seeing.


CDC Block William Thompson from Testifying

Attorney’s Morgan and Morgan have since been trying to get William Thompson to testify in court, a move that the CDC blocked, saying it ‘would not promote the objectives of the CDC.’  They didn’t elaborate on what those objectives were, but clearly protecting the neuro-cognitive function of children isn’t one of them. Just as astounding is the fact that an organization accused of criminal wrongdoing can even attempt to hinder legal action that that would force them to be accountable.

President Speaks Out Amid Criticism

Prior to his election, the now President Trump chimed in with his opinion that vaccines can cause autism and there are far too many vaccines given to babies at once.  He told Fox News:

‘You know, I have a theory — and it’s a theory that some people believe in — and that’s the vaccinations. We never had anything like this.’


He related the story of employees whose child regressed after vaccines and even met with Dr Wakefield to discuss how to curb the growing autism epidemic.

No politician has been so outspoken since JFK and of course, mainstream media immediately tried to prevent him from getting into the White House by airing stories about racism and sexism.  Parents fed up of drug company profits being put before their children, voted for him anyway.

Truth or Spin?

The big question on everyone’s lips is, now that he is president, will he actually do anything about it or was it all rhetoric to appeal to desperate parents and gain more votes? Will his new position of power mean that he will back-track and ignore his increasingly sick public in pursuit of the globalist financial agenda or will he break ranks and be one of the first presidents to put the people first?

The world is waiting with baited breath.

Give a voice to the voiceless!


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