Get Naked and More, A Few Tricks to Not Die From This Summer Heat

A Few Tricks to Not Die From This Summer Heat


Ever thought you were about to pass out from the New York heat? Well, not to worry! Here are some helpful, life-saving tips and tricks to surviving the ever-approaching summer heat.  I’ve never lived somewhere so hot with no real place nearby to go swimming. Living in Italy was easy (shut up, I know, duh right) because even though it became catastrophically hot in the summer, there was always a lake or the sea close enough to make it okay. Here in New York however, there’s just an overcrowded and expensive urban pool, or the ocean, which is sort of choppy and freezing cold all the time. Not ideal, to say the least. Here are some ways to make it through the summer without a pool and without dying. You’re welcome!

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1. Get an air conditioner – I mean, this one is kind of obvious, but a lot of people don’t do it. I couldn’t begin to tell you why, because I don’t understand it myself. Just get an AC unit, people. It changes everything.

2. Invest in cooling sheets and pillows – cotton and jersey sheets are fine for the other seasons, but they really heat up in the summer. Linen, on the other hand is highly breathable and also lasts forever a.k.a. it’s a good investment. You could also go with percale sheets, which are best known for that cool, crisp, feeling when you first slide into them. They are cheaper than linen and are just as cool. There are also cooling gel pillows, which feel cool when you first lie down and then slowly match your body temperature as you sleep.


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3. Block out light AND heat – getting good blackout curtains or shades insulate the room keeping the heat out in the summer and the heat in in the winter. Make sure, however, to have white backings on anything you put up, this reflects the heat or cold away, depending on the season.

4. Make a DIY AC unit by putting a bowl of ice in front of a fan.

5. Chill your sheets by putting them in the freezer.

6. Wet your top sheet until it’s just slightly damp and sleep under it.

7. Fill a hot water bottle with ice water and put it down by your feet.

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