Travel Guide, How To Travel With Your Cat in the Summertime

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Summertime Cat Travel Guide, the Best How-To


Wanna take your kitty on vacation with you this summertime? You totally can! It’s not quite like bringing a non-cat (a.k.a. a dog) along with you, but it is definitely doable. Just take your time and prepare!  Traveling with cats sounds like fun! And it definitely is, but cats are homebodies. They love the things they know, and being taken out of their comfort zones can be utterly terrifying to your kitty. So you have to take it slow and go step by step if you want to travel with your cat this summer.  Here’s a solid guide to plan ahead.

Step 1: Get your cat used to traveling BEFORE the big trip – if your cat isn’t used to being in a car, bring her along a couple times before you go away on a big road trip. Do everything like you will do for the real thing (travel cage, toys, travel bowls), but make sure to reward along the way! Give her treats so she starts associating travel with yummy good things.


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Step 2: Pack some meds, just in case – if you’re not sure if your cat will have anxiety or motion sickness, just brings some meds along with you anyway. If your cat starts to meow for long, extended periods of time, or she starts to shut down physically, these might be signs that your cat needs some help in the form of drops, pills, or sprays.

Step 3: Get home smells you can take with you – a few days before leaving, put a towel or an old t-shirt down in your cat’s favorite sleep spot so that when you go on vacation that towel can bring home on the road!

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Step 4: Let your cat love her travel cage – cats will explore anything in their environment, so put out your cat’s travel carrier a few days before take-off. This way your cat has time to get used to it as an object before being forced inside it for travel. This will make the travel experience A LOT less stressful.

Step 5: Harness your cat to her carrier! – this one is SUPER important. Your cat MUST be attached to her carrier by a harness and leash. This prevents a potential escape.

Now, all you have to do is have fun! Bon voyage!!

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