INVESTIGATIONS: Fraud, Lies, Timothy W Brown, Perverted Country Lawyer Implicated in Multiple Frauds, MeToo Sex Scandal

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Fraud, Lies, Timothy W Brown, Notorious Brown Law Firm Implicated in Multiple Frauds, MeToo Sex Scandal


TIMOTHY W BROWN, the notorious ambulance chasing midget “lawyer” of a tiny outfit called THE BROWN LAW FIRM in Oyster Bay, New York is indeed a “poison oyster.” A review of publicly available court records easily identities Timothy W Brown and his obscure The Brown Law Firm as the shady characters having lost nearly 100% of their cases. A federal judge recently singled out Timothy Brown as a thief, chastising him as a repeat law offender implicated in multiple frauds. Recently, Timothy Brown was embroiled in the latest #MeToo sex scandal.


Meet Midget Lawyer Timothy W Brown, The Brown Law Firm, Plunger and the Toilet

TIMOTHY BROWN is a strange name perhaps no human being on earth has ever heard of. That’s good news for many who have lucked out.

“In the heavily polluted Oyster Bay where sucking an oyster could drown you in a toilet, the name ‘Timothy W Brown’ often rings the bell along the street walkers of whores, opioid addicts, deserted cats and abandoned three-legged dogs…”

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Timothy W Brown is not just your horny country lawyer who is fat and impotent, sucks in bed, yet cheats on his girlfriend, or someone who gets you a shitty job cleaning the toilets. To the contrary, the tiny  Timothy Brown has a self-labeled “national practice,” which is nothing short of a one-man-shop nationwide blackmail ponzi scheme.

In truth, The Brown Law Firm hasn’t won a single case in recent history.

“Puffed with an inflated fake bio floating like a white afro in Nigeria, Timothy Brown the ambulance chaser extortionist sues anyone with more than two dollars in the pocket.”

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Andrew L Morrison, the distressed Manatt, Phelps & phillips lawyer

ANDREW L MORRISON,  a Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP lawyer in Manhattan has had several run-ins with Timothy W Brown. Andrew Morrison’s distaste towards Timothy W Brown was visible. With his nose covered, head shaking like a tremor patient, Andrew Morrison could hardly hold back his disgust:

“That brownie Timothy W Brown is a bad cookie,” ANDREW MORRISON told several sources. “Timothy W Brown is a piece of shit that lies, cheats and steals from you. I wouldn’t have hired that loser to wipe my white ass.”

Another lawyer concurred: “I accidentally shook Timothy Brown’s small hand one time and I am still recovering from a herpes infection…”

ANDREW L MORRISON, MANATT PHELPS PHILLIPS, lawyer, Timothy W Brown, Alexander McBride, Matthew H Lee, The Brown Law Firm, Oyster Bay, New York, derivative actions

The Brown Law Firm gang is joined by ALEXANDER MCBRIDE, MATTHEW H LEE – two “Catholic” virgin boys tortured in the hands of the Pennsylvania priests, hardly out of puberty.

Poring over public records uncovered scant evidence of THE BROWN LAW FIRM’s tiny “law practice.” This habitual loser Timothy W Brown has lost every single case researchers could turn up.

Timothy W Brown, Matthew H Lee, Alexander p McBride, Brown Law Firm PC, Oyster Bay, fraud, lawyer, action, derivative actions, Laurence Rosen, Rosen Law Firm, Jonathan Horne, fraud, ambulance chaser

“Timothy W Brown and his shady The Brown Law Firm have a verified record of losing nearly every single case, leaving behind a number of dead clients facing counter-claim lawsuits against them for failed extortions.”

Meet Timothy W Brown, the White Afro alcoholic 

An alcoholic, Timothy W Brown’s business precisely mirrors his own name “Brown”, that is, a reputation stinks like the brown stuff in an unflushed toilet… The dubious outfit bearing his name – The Brown Law Firm has only one practice – extorting public companies with made-up allegations. The unscrupulous country lawyer walks a path of extortion throughout his adult life.

“Timothy W Brown has his own secrets in a dark closet: A white afro brought up stroking himself while stargazing Kim Kardashian’s naked rear end.”

Timothy W Brown, Alexander McBride, Brown Law Firm PC, Oyster Bay, lawyer, 6d Global, Matthew Lee, securities litigation, litigator, shareholders, fiduciary duty, public companies

Lies, Fraud, Extortion Got Caught by federal judge Robert Sweet

Judge Robert W. Sweet of the Southern District of New York recently issued a scathing ruling blasting Timothy Brown and his shady practice fabricating a case against a public company, 6D Global Technologies. The senior federal judge held that Timothy Brown had manufactured a fake investor Alan Scott to blackmail the Nasdaq-listed company, attempting to coerce the company into a fake settlement. In particular, the court found that:

“The paucity of the corporate reforms at issue in the present action stand in stark contrast to the type of robust reforms that have been approved in past derivative settlements. The three reforms contemplated by the Proposed Settlement fail to provide substantial benefits, and therefore render the Proposed Settlement illusory,” Judge Sweet said.


BREAKING: Timothy W Brown, Shady Ambulance Chasing Brown Law Firm Brownbag Federal Judge Robert Sweet

In denying the motion, Judge Sweet held that the language of the corporate governance reform requiring 6D Global to maintain and have its employees read the code of ethics “confers no meaningful benefit or any benefit at all on the Company and its shareholders beyond what was already in existence prior to the filing of the complaint and the time of the alleged wrongdoing.”

“Accordingly, this proposed reform does not address any of the issues that gave rise to the derivative claims or any alleged failure of internal controls and is not substantial,” Judge Sweet said.

Judge Sweet also found that the corporate governance reform that the company require training for its employees lacks any “specified requirement that the training be for a minimum number of hours, that it cover any mandatory topics, or that the Company certify to the Derivative Plaintiff that the training has occurred.”


Judge Sweet ruled that the third reform — that 6D Global provide specific training for its directors “on issues relevant to the Company on securities, compliance, Board professionalism, insider trading, ethics and conflict of interest issues” — fails to provide for any meaningful training under certain circumstances.

“Moreover, this measure suffers from many of the same problems as the employee training reform.  There is no requirement that the training last a minimum number of hours; cover any mandatory topics; or that the Company certify to the Derivative Plaintiff that the training has occurred,” Judge Sweet explained.


The Time I Let Him Wear the Panties

Stay tuned… More to come on Timothy Brown.

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