This Week’s Political News in Haiku Form: Sept. 23-30

This Week's Political News in Haiku Form Sept. 23-30

Obama play golf
(but also play with emotion
of Americans!)

The Tea Party are
still a thing. Why is that? Why?
What did we do wrong?

Dick Cheney lost 
a shooting competition.
No shit, Sherlock. None.

FINRA didn’t do
their jobs in the Zakai case?
As French say: Lé duh.

Lobbyist still in
power in DC. Water
still wet, too. Surprise.

Syria is like
ex-girlfriend who keeps calling
but won’t give back stuff.

al-Assad looks like
what would happen if Steve
Carell turned evil.

New Arcade Fire
song sounds like rad music to
make out to. Yep.

The last one wasn’t
about politics. I just
like the song. And sex.

You know who else likes
sex? Anthony Weiner. He
loves his own weird dick.

God. That guy was such
a disappointment. Even his
dick underwhelmed.

I mean, if you’ve
got something good, then show it.
If not: keep to self.

I mean, dicks are like
rhetorical questions.
Rarely answered well.

Why does GOP
keep trying to defund the
Obamacare thing?

If they are going
to ride Democrat dick, at
least buy dinner.

House of Cards won a
lot of Emmys. This is no
surprise to viewers.

TheBlot is kinda
like Slugline on that show. We
all work from beanbags.

(Also we are all played
by Kate Mara. Who would totes
give a dog a bone.)

Political sea
change requires having boat
in the ocean first.

If you’re gonna get
mad and yell and scream and point
have facts right first, dude.

News in haiku form?
With accurate reporting?
Welcome to TheBlot.

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