The Top 5 Apps for Dog Lovers

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Our doggie docent Dorri Olds leashes the best apps for dog owners. From pet-friendly hotels to first-aid, she's got you covered — just not in hair for once!
Our doggie docent Dorri Olds leashes the best apps for dog owners. From pet-friendly hotels to first-aid, she’s got you covered — just not in hair for once!

You know me, I’m like a dog with a bone when I’m onto something good. So now that we’re entering the exciting Fourth of July weekend, it’s time to get ready. While you’re heading toward the dog days of summer, I wanted to make sure you knew what’s app when it comes to your four-legged friend. With this list, you’ll be up-to-date on dog technology.

Listen, I know after long weeks of working like a dog, you sure would like it if somebody threw you a bone. So, today, my friend, is your lucky dog day. I’ve done all of the sniffing and searching so you won’t have to. I came up with a list of cool dog apps. And trust me, I know it’s never too late to teach an old dog like you new tricks. So doggone it, here goes.

1. Bring Fido

Looking for a pet-friendly hotel? How about an awesome dog park, trail or beach? is often referred to as the world’s leading pet travel website. It’s a great shortcut for finding the best dog-friendly hotels, attractions and restaurants. With the Bring Fido app, it’s a breeze to find everything quickly. You can search hotels and sort them by location, popularity, rating and price. Find nearby attractions, upcoming dog events and local resources like dog walkers, dog groomers, dog sitters, veterinarians and dog stores. You can even use the app to post a new pet-friendly location and share a photo of your dog enjoying his vacay.

2. Dog Monitor

Tappy Taps apps offers the Dog Monitor app which lets you know what your dog is up to when you’re not home. The setup is easy, and and it’s easy to use. It has an unlimited reach. Thanks to the Internet connection, no matter where you are, you won’t miss anything. You can hear your pet’s noises and, get this, you can even speak to your doggie. Awww. You can watch live videos of your little rascal and see what he’s up to. There’s even a handy-dandy light feature that allows you to see in the dark.

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3. ResQWalk

ResQwalk is a very cool tool. ResQwalk announces a weekly donation pool of $2,500, and here’s how it works: For any animal rescue to receive donations from the money pool, all you have to do is check-in to the app when you take your dog for a walk. This dog app supports animal rescues in the U.S. and Canada. Each walker’s distance is recorded in the user profile and added to the rescue’s weekly sum. At the end of the week, donations are paid out to the rescues proportionally to the total distance you and your dog have walked. At the end of every walk, you’re offered a reward that will help fund future donation pools. You can browse your stats, too. There’s records of each user’s walk history, including both time and distance traveled, and everybody can see which rescues each user has supported along the way. On its website, ResQwalk says it’s “helping animals one step at a time.”

4. American Red Cross Pet First Aid

Here’s an app that helps you take care of your furry family member. The American Red Cross Pet First Aid app provides veterinary advice for everyday emergencies. It offers simple step-by-step directions for what to do in any situation requiring first aid. You’ll learn first aid steps for more than 25 common pet situations through a combination of text, video and images, in addition to identifying common toxic substances. There’s even a warning signs checker. You can easily access info on administering medication, how to manage unwanted behaviors and what to do in a crisis. The app even includes CPR instructions. There’s an easy way to program in your vet contact number and a pet profile that lists emergencies or medication and dietary needs. The app can help you can locate your nearest emergency vet hospital fast or help you find nearby pet-friendly hotels. For any cat lovers out there, the user can toggle between dog and cat content.

5. WoofTrax

WoofTrax calls its app a “Walk for a Dog program.” This app is a dog-powered fundraising tool for animal shelters and rescues. Similar to ResQWalk, this is another app-powered op to help save the lives of animals in the easiest way possible. You just choose your favorite shelter or rescue organization, then use the app every time you take your little buddy for a walk. Donations are funded through sponsorship deals and advertising. The amount depends on the number of people who have signed up to walk to benefit a particular animal organization. You can change your choice of animal shelter or rescue at any time. Always be sure to let your selected animal organization know what you’re doing and ask them to get the word out because the more people that walk for the org, the more WoofTrax will donate.

OK, that’s it for me. I’m signing out now. Gotta go see a man about a dog.

Dorri Olds is a contributing journalist for TheBlot Magazine

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