The Top 10 Perks of Babysitting, Things I Love

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The Top 10 Perks of Babysitting, Things I Love


I babysit A LOT so I know the experience very well, and despite the fact that there are many frustrating aspects of babysitting, there are many wonderful things as well.  Babysitting is a job a lot of people do as teens. They babysit their cousins or their neighbors, they watch their younger siblings so their parents can go out. But not many take on the task of babysitting as an adult. I am one of the brave few to take on this challenge, and I have to say, it isn’t bad at all. So here are my top 10 perks and  things I love about babysitting.

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1. It pays – the truth about babysitting is it actually pays quite well. And I mean, think about it. Parents feel shitty enough just leaving their kids with strangers, so they are in no way going to also low-ball those strangers. They believe that the more they pay the better care their children will receive (hence, private school), but of course this isn’t true. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love a big tip, but it doesn’t change how I interact with the kids I babysit.

2. Kids nap ALL THE TIME, which means: paid relax-time! Or paid-whatever time. Sometimes I do other work while the baby sleeps and sometimes I take a nap myself. Either way, it is AWESOME to get paid to sit in an apartment while a baby sleeps.

3. You get to eat fun kid food. You know how it would be totes uncool to purchase most of the kid’s food you used to eat? Well, worry no more! Just eat it with the kids you babysit!


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4. A second food-related item is that parents give you free reign to their kitchens and pantries. You get to eat anything, which means free food on top of getting paid to sit around!

5. You get a lot of walking in as a babysitter, which makes babysitting actually good for your health. You walk to the park or the playground, you walk to the store, you walk them around as they nap in a stroller, etc. Altogether it’s a lot of exercise. You’re getting paid to exercise!

6. Hanging out with babies is incredibly fun WHEN YOU CAN GIVE THEM BACK AT THE END OF THE DAY! Knowing that you will eventually get to leave makes hanging out with children %100 enjoyable and %0 soul-sucking.

7. Being a babysitter also makes me feel like I am learning invaluable lessons about being a parent, and I KNOW I KNOW it’s going to be different (and harder) with my own children, but aren’t I better off than people who have never changed a diaper? I think so.

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8. You also get to see a lot of people’s apartments. This might seem like a weird one, but hear me out. I often have a hard time decorating my apartment, so I use what I like about other people’s places and reconfigure it to fit my own needs. Other people’s houses give me so many good interior decorating ideas!

9. You know how people go on and on about baby’s head’s amazing smell? Well they are completely right babies smell amazing.

10. Get the money while you can. Soon you will have kids of your own and you will have to babysit for free for the rest of your life.  How’s that for a close to the top 10 perks?

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