Outrageous Tattoo Artist Who Inked Dog Deserves Jail Time?

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Tattoo Artist Who Inked Dog Deserves Jail Time

Would you ink a dog?

The Internet went postal after moronic Brooklyn tattoo artist Alexander Avgerakis, aka Mistah Metro, bragged about tattooing his dog on Instagram. That’s as dumb as the thieves who hold up a Walmart but leave their wallets with their IDs on the counter, or knuckleheads who steal an iPhone, then post selfies on Facebook and brag about the theft.

It’s horrifying to hear that the tattoo “artist” didn’t break any laws. It’s reminiscent of the guy going around taking upskirt photos who couldn’t be prosecuted —  only this is much worse. This poor dog was forced to endure unnecessary pain so Mistah Metro could post a photo with the text, “One of the many reasons my dog is cooler than yours! She had her spleen removed today and the vet let me tattoo her while she was under.”

The beauty of the Internet is the barrage of hate mail Alex received. He had to close down his Twitter account at one point. The photo of the now-tattooed Zion, a beautiful brown and white pitbull mix, shows an unconscious dog with a shaved and tattooed shoulder. The “artwork” is a large heart shot with cupid’s arrow and a ribbon with the names Alex and Mel (his wife).


The attack of online venom for what he did made Alex take the photo down from Instagram. Someone else (mistahmetro7) posted it again.

“Had to delete my account and make up another,” wrote Alex, “some people just don’t appreciate anything! It’s an ANIMAL with a tattoo.”

Yeah, it sure is and that should be a crime. How some humans treat dogs is incomprehensible. Another disturbing photo surfaced online. It was of Zion being carried out of the vet’s office into a parking lot wearing a cone of shame and looking miserable. Maybe dim bulb Alex thought having someone else pick up Zion would help with the backlash, but the paparazzi were there clicking away.

Before all of this, Mistah Metro worked at Red Legged Devils tattoo shop in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Owner Chris Torres frantically tried to do damage control when he, too, was bombarded with expressions of outrage. “The dog didn’t get tattooed at this shop,” said Torres. “It has nothing to do with this shop whatsoever.” Then Torres asked everyone to leave him alone. Apparently he’s not much brighter than Alex because he wrote inflammatory tweets like, “You guys are aware that the ASPCA tattoos dogs & cats once they’ve spayed or neutered them, right?” He also said, “People are still offered jobs after being pedophiles. I don’t know why everyone is treating this kid like he raped a 12-year-old.”

Some people just don’t appreciate anything! It’s an ANIMAL with a tattoo. — Mistah Metro

Those are not the type of things you want to say to animal lovers … or anybody with any humanity.


The outrage included death threats and became too much for the shop owner. Alex left the job. Torres is happy about that and said, “I can’t have him back here.”

I wouldn’t mind seeing Avgerakis, Torres and the vet who allowed this chased out of the country. That happened to another mad tattooer. I’m talking about the Belgian “artist” Wim Delvoye, who decorates live pigs with tattoos. His defense? “We sedate [the pig], shave it and apply Vaseline to its skin. Art saves their lives like Schindler’s list.” Oy. That wasn’t what Steven Spielberg wanted viewers to take away from his masterful film.

The Brooklyn Veterinary Cares clinic at Fulton Street and St. James Place in Clinton Hill is also feeling the heat. Feel free to vent your rage at the head vets there whose names are Timothy Mann and Stephanie Liff. They should have their licenses revoked for allowing this to happen. It is disgusting that according to the law, they haven’t done anything criminal.

I guess the only good that will come out of all of this is the increased determination from a Manhattan animal advocate, Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal. She is leading the fight to make it illegal for owners to tattoo or pierce their dogs.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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