Squeeze Life Out of a Dead Phone, What to Do

Squeeze Life out of a Dead Phone, What to Do


Before sullenly dragging yourself to the Apple Store for a new phone, try these techniques to see if you can’t squeeze some more life out of your current, dead phone.  So it’s everyone’s worst nightmare. You plug your phone in, go to sleep, innocently oblivious, but when you wake up you see that your phone is DEAD. And was not charging, when you thought it was. JUST AWFUL. So, before you grab an Uber to the closest Apple Store, try these reviving techniques first:

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1. Plug your phone into a different outlet or use a different charger. Maybe your outlet has stopped working or you need a new charger. Those are also sad things to discover, but will run you a lot less money than a new phone would. So make super sure which part of the process has broken down.

2. Make sure there’s no dust or lint in your phone’s port. This is a common occurrence that we often overlook out of panic and/or fear. But oftentimes your phone will stop charging itself if the charger can’t connect to the phone due to lint build-up. Blow on it… a lot, and see if that doesn’t do the trick. You might have to take it in and have them do this part for you (they have special tools).  It’s a technical blow job.  Sometimes it works!


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3. Stop using your phone as it charges. Sometimes there is no way for the phone to charge if you’re outracing it by using it so much. Take a break and read a book as you let your tired phone take a rest.

4. So if all else fails, call in the professionals of whoever makes your phone and ask them to help you. They have probably gotten this question a thousand times and know exactly (more or less) what to do.

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