Sleepyhead in the Morning? How I Turned Into a Morning Person

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Sleepyhead in the Morning, How I Turned Into a Morning Person

I am not a morning person. At least, I wasn’t until a few years ago, when I realized that mornings were the time of day at which I am the most productive, and that no matter how much I hated my alarm clock, the earlier I’d get up the more I’d accomplish during the day, which ultimately led to me feeling better.

And although I still have moments where I’d wish I could stay in bed for just another five minutes, I know that I’m just setting myself up for failure in the long run, and I try to fight through the process as much as I can. In all honesty, mornings are pretty awesome. Human beings were wired to get up when the sun rises, and for thousands of years the sun has been our only source of light and energy, making it utterly meaningless to try to do anything truly productive at night.

And while this isn’t the case anymore, as I said, being awake during the day (and that means in the morning as well) is something that comes naturally to all of us; we just have to rediscover that part of ourselves, and that can take a bit of practice at first. To make it easier for you, I’m going to share my top three tactics for getting up early and having a great, inspiring morning.

Greet the Sun

One thing that I always do in the morning is something that I haven’t seen a lot of people do, but I still think that it’s a great way to start the day. Right before I get out of bed, before I wash my face, eat breakfast and clean my teeth, I step out on my balcony.

Unless it’s pouring rain or there’s a snowstorm outside, this is literally what I do seconds after I get up; I step out, stretch my arms and legs out and take a deep breath of fresh air. It’s my way of greeting the day and being thankful for another beautiful awakening, and reminding myself of how I shouldn’t take any of that for granted. By starting your day with such a mindset, all of your daily obligations aren’t going to seem that terrible anymore, and you can go about finishing them.

No Snoozing

When I first started training myself to get up early and my body still didn’t want to get used to actually being awake in the morning, the first thing I did was purchase an old, mechanical alarm clock so loud that it could probably wake up a dead person if it was close enough. But my primary reason for using this alarm clock isn’t because it was loud. No, it was because it did not have a snooze button. The biggest lie you can tell yourself in the morning is that those extra few minutes of sleep will actually help.

Vanessa Davis, author, TheBlot Magazine
Vanessa Davis, author, TheBlot Magazine

Instead, you’ll just end up being more groggy and having less energy throughout the whole day, than if you had just gotten up as soon as you heard the alarm the first time around. So do yourself a favor and ditch the snooze button – get an app that doesn’t have it, or simply get an old-fashioned alarm clock, and you’ll thank yourself later.

A Healthy Breakfast

I can’t stress enough how important this one is. The only thing worse than having a poor breakfast is skipping breakfast altogether, and although skipping meals has become an extremely popular method of weight loss nowadays, I highly advise against it. Think about it, when you wake from a six to eight-hour slumber, your body has essentially been fasting for that amount of time. It’s used up and digested pretty much everything that you gave it the past day, and is more than ready for some more.

If you don’t eat a healthy, balanced breakfast within an hour after waking up, your body is essentially going to go into fasting mode, and start using up your protein and fat reserves by metabolizing them into glucose (energy). This is something you want to avoid at all costs, especially if you’re planning on exercising any time during the day.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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