Six Big Fall Trends That are Cool and Weird

Six Big Fall Trends That are Cool and Weird


Things always seem weird until a supermodel sports them.  Lots of things seem ugly and weird and gross but then they become trendy and none of that matters anymore. For example, there are a lot of things I’m pretty sure I would never do. But I should never say never because if a supermodel wore it I would probably wear it too. And if a famous person did their makeup a certain way I would probably be tempted. So never say never and here are six big weird but cool trends you are going to fall into against your will this fall:

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Super short bangs – you know what I’m talking about. Those weird-ass bangs that really are more of a Yes, these are in style and you will start to see everyone you know sporting them.

Irregular haircuts in general – not only baby bangs, aforementioned, but also shaved spots, asymmetrical cuts and other weird and crazy things are all super in right now. So let a child take scissors to your head. You’ll look SO COOL after.

Tiny braids – remember when you were in elementary school and all you and your friends did in class was braid everyone’s hair into a million tiny eccentric braids? Well that is now high fashion, exciting!


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Shiny hair – and I don’t just mean because it’s healthy, I mean like wet. Lots of gel, lots of product. It should look like you just got out of the shower but you didn’t.

Fancy headbands – another 90s look coming back in style! So dust off those glittery bands, those ribbons, those satiny head bands of old! They are back and you should wear them a lot with all of your fancy clothes. I promise, it will be fine.

Crazy eyeliner – this is a new one: a cat eye that’s not filled in, shapes extending almost all the way to the temple, lines going here and there. It sounds nuts, but it actually looks amazing. So if you are really trying to impress someone, do some doodles on your face.

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