Sir Charles Barkley Sounds Off on Trump Tax Law

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Sir Charles Barkley Sounds Off on Trump Tax Law


When Charles is in charge it’s almost always funny.  But when it’s not it’s usually cringe worthy, even though he’s always genuine.  Always.  But this time, Sir Charles is speaking his truth with enough salt to choke a sardine.  Monday’s NBA Christmas Day matchup of the Timberwolves and Lakers was not a huge draw.  But that didn’t stop Barkley from sounding off on what he and many others see as a travesty that hurts most Americans.  It’s the New Trump Tax Law put on the books just before Christmas weekend.


Charles went there, and he means it.  But this time, he’s not at all alone.  Many consider Trump’s recent tax law to be a giveaway to the nation’s wealthiest.  In fact, ALL analysis seems to confirm this is true.  But Charles wanted to be sure to thank those responsible.  He said, “At least we got our tax break.  We can buy Rolexes like John Wall. All these people just waiting for it to trickle down. They’ve been waiting for like 400 years, it ain’t trickle down yet.”  But we won’t really know what the new Trump Tax law means until next year.  Or will we?

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Barkley made it clear he doesn’t think that he and his buddies are the ones who need a tax break.  Shaquille O’neal got some commentary from Sir Charles about the new extra savings.  O’Neill made over $40 million dollars in player salary and is one of the leading marketing titans since the end of his playing days.  “Shaq, they said it’s going trickle down. I’m going to trickle my fat ass down to the jewelry store to get me a new Rolex,” Barkley said. “They’re not going to pass it to nobody. Thank you, Republicans, I knew I could always count on y’all to take care of us rich people, us 1 percenters. Sorry, poor people. I’m hoping for y’all, but y’all ain’t got no chance.”


Barkley appeared recently at a Doug Jones rally in Alabama, right before Jones defeated Roy Moore in the special election.  But whether it was Barkley’s appearance, or Moore’s history of allegedly preying on teen girls, remains an open question.  But Barkley clearly has a soft spot for his old home, Alabama.  He wasn’t sentimental, and pled in his own unique style.  “At some point, we’ve got to stop looking like idiots to the nation,” Barkley said. “I love Alabama, but we’ve got to draw a line in the sand. We’re not a bunch of damn idiots.”

So good luck, America.  Barkley once said of course he’s a Republican, he’s rich.  Now, Barkley clearly has other priorities for his bank account.  We’ll all get to see how everyone else evolves too as we know more about what this Trump tax law really means.

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