Engage in Singalongs When Traveling This Holiday Season

Give a voice to the voiceless!

Engage in Singalongs When Traveling This Holiday Season


The same old song.  The same old tune. Christmas travel can be stressful.  Actually, traveling during Christmas is extremely stressful.  Many, many people travel during the Christmas and New Year’s break.  Road travelers in the U.S. will drive an average of 275 miles this holiday season.  Record numbers of drivers are expected again this year.  So what’s the best thing to do if you’re on the road this year for Christmas and New Year’s?  Engage in singalongs while on the road!  Singing on the road keeps you safer and happier!  Singing also helps you and yours get to your destination.


Some pointers on safe Christmas travel are these.  When traveling by car, be sure to slow down for safe travels.  Wear your seat belt!  Most importantly,  don’t drive and text on your phone.  Texting while driving equates to drinking and driving.  Texting and driving is extremely dangerous.  Take breaks if you need to use your phone and if you feel tired.  There is no reason to rush because the holiday will be there when you arrive.  Try not to stress out.  Enjoy your coffee. State police will have extra units on the roads for holiday travel.  The want to make sure Christmas travel is safe for motorists.

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If flying, make sure to get to the airport in time because the lines will be long.  Give yourself enough time to get to the gate for check-in.  Avoid the stress and possible rage.  People who wait get stressed and tired.  Instead, try what our neighbors in Canada are becoming known to do: join in a singalong.  A group of passengers flying out of Toronto could have been upset when their flight was delayed.  But instead they decided to pass their time while waiting at the gate with a fun and happy singalong.  The crowd around them cheered and asked for more, so they continued to sing.


So, if delayed – the best advice is to sing! Singing with others is scientifically proven to have a calming effect.  Over 32.5 million adults sing in choruses each year and in doing so: it relieves anxiety, lowers stress and elevates endorphins.  That’s almost as many singing adults as there are Canadians!  So, take advice from our neighbors in the Great North.  Sing along with the rest of the motorists in traffic or passengers waiting at the gate this holiday season.  Christmas travel can be fun, even when it’s a slog.  Make it a New Year’s Resolution!

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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