Still Want to Be an Actress? A Show Business Career Will Make You Lose Your Mind

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A Show Business Career Will Make You Lose Your Mind


I don’t know if I’m necessarily the most qualified person to give advice on having a career in show business, but I have the confidence to do so, so here I go.  I grew up with a father in “the business.” He is a writer and all of his friends are actors/performer, so every party we went to ended in someone at the piano and everyone being cajoled into singing something. This was fun for a while, but then my dad started telling me, over and over again, to never go into show biz. “If you can do anything else, do it.” So I tried.  It can be hard not to lose your mind if you want a career in show business.

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I became a preschool teacher and lived in Italy. I went back to school and tried to become a developmental psychologist. It didn’t work out, though. It was never going to work out. I wanted to be in New York, I wanted to be in the theatre. So much for “doing something else.”  So now that I am here, finally pursuing something I truly love, let me try and give some advice on the subject.


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1. Learn to adapt – the truth is, life never goes the way you expect, so you have to be ready for anything. You might think this next show is going to be the big one, but then the money falls through, you don’t make the show, but it opens you up to being free for something even better. You never know what is going to happen, so just check in with yourself constantly and make sure that the things you are actually doing make you happy. If you are always doing something that makes you happy, then who cares which projects go and which don’t?

2. Find some confidence – this is a big one because this is how you end up meeting the right people. Now, you don’t want to veer into arrogance, but having lots of confidence shows people that you belong and that you know you are worth something. Some people, less confident people, might be threatened by you and your confidence. But those people can go fuck themselves. They are just angry they aren’t as self-assured as you are.


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3. Own your dreams – you are allowed to want everything. You are allowed to shoot for the stars. You are also allowed to not get there. But have the biggest dreams and you will never become complacent.

So break a leg!  You don’t have to lose your mind.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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