Scared of Pancreatic Cancer? Yeah, Me Too

Scared of Pancreatic Cancer? Yeah, Me Too


Pancreatic and cancer are a couple of the scariest words in the English language. So let’s find some ways we can prevent these words from ever exiting a doctor’s mouth while that doctor is holding paperwork concerning US. All cancers are scary, and the rate at which people are being diagnosed is definitely on the rise. But there are some cancers that should make you more scared than others. Some cancers have a reputation for being discovered and then taking you out…within weeks or months. So here are some ways to lower your risk of getting this cancer who shall not be named.

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1. Don’t smoke. That one’s easy. Smoking accounts for 20 to 25 percent of pancreatic cancers.

2. Obesity is also a large factor, so stay healthy and stay fit.

3. People with Type 2 diabetes should get checked more often as well, as they are at higher risk. It’s complicated, though. Diabetes is both a cause and a consequence of cancer, so get thee to a doctor and get some tests done.


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4. Distribution of fat is also a factor, apparently: the higher waist to hip ratio, the greater the risk.

5. When you’re at the doctor, see if a biomarker for cancers can be identified. Sometimes it’s possible to see the cancer there before any tumors can be found on a scan.

6. There are also several genes associated with cancer risk, and if you’re brave enough to get the tests done, you could find out how “at-risk” you really are.

7. Get CT scans done more regularly, especially if you are a person at a higher risk.

8. If you do have diabetes, research the drug metformin. It is often used by people to help control blood sugar. This drug has been found to reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer AND improve your survival chances, if you do end up developing it.

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