The Sandy Hook Shooter Was Addicted to Dance Dance Revolution

The Sandy Hook Shooter Was Addicted to Dance Dance Revolution

Deep in the recently released official police report of the Sandy Hook shootings that took place nearly one year ago are a couple of throwaway paragraphs that talk about how much Adam Lanza — the 20-year-old mass murderer who killed 27 people before killing himself — enjoyed to play the video game Dance Dance Revolution.

Yes, really. At the bottom of page 31:


That’d be this game right here:

Apparently, Adam Lanza would play the game for four to 10 hours a day on weekends, driving to the same movie theater — sometimes with a friend — and playing the dancing video game nonstop. He allegedly — according to the report — wouldn’t get tired.

The report provides the most in-depth look into Adam Lanza’s life, yet doesn’t provide a clear motive. It appears that Adam, for all intents and purposes, was just a very mentally ill person who had access to an arsenal of weapons. Other information provided in the report includes:

  • He wrote a story in grade school called “The Big Book of Granny,” in which the Granny in question shoots children with a gun located in her cane.
  • He enjoyed video games, particularly Super Mario Brothers, Kingdom Hearts, and various other Japanese video games. He also owned video games such as, amongst others, Call of Duty.
  • He had taken NRA Safety Courses with his mother.
  • His mother had left him a check for a new handgun, and had written “for Christmas” in the memo field.
  • Lanza had no real connection to Sandy Hook other than attending the school as a child. According to GPS reports from his car, he drove by the school at least once before returning to it to commit the massacre.
  • He reportedly had several newspaper clippings printed out from various other school shootings. The report cites that while he was capable of telling jokes and laughing normally, according to at least one friend the conversation could easily turn to violent topics such as murderers and mass shootings, particularly Columbine.
  • He disliked being touched, and according to the report, extremely disliked the sound of hair clippers.
  • He attended Sandy Hook Elementary from first grade through fifth grade. According to the report, Adam indicated that he “loved” the school and liked to go there. At that time, he wasn’t as withdrawn as he would eventually become; he was shy but friendly, and reportedly enjoyed the saxophone.
  • According to his mother, Adam had Asperger’s syndrome. The condition worsened as he got older.
  • He wore the same thing every day, owning multiple items of the same clothes: a gray hoodie and slacks. He would frequently change clothes, and his mother would do lots of laundry.
  • Few of Adam Lanza’s mother’s friends saw her house. She kept her social engagements away from the Lanza household. Few of her friends met Adam.
  • Adam Lanza’s own mother described that her son Adam had “no emotions or feelings” — he disliked birthdays, Christmas and other holidays. No Christmas tree was allowed in the house, and Nancy Lanza even had to get rid of a pet cat because Adam didn’t like it.

Read the full story here – the government version.


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