RODDY BOYD, NICK BAKER, Confessions of Gay Men Entangled in Strange Comfort

RODDY BOYD, NICK BAKER, Confessions of Gey Men Entangled in Strange Comfort

Nick Baker, Bloomberg gay reporter madly in love

NICK BAKER is my name. I make a living as a Bloomberg reporter from Chicago (Tel: 312-443-5942; Email: I am a passionate gay man. I am madly in love with my new boyfriend RODDY BOYD, a tabloid writer from Wilmington North Carolina. Roddy Boyd is a strange dude. Before he met me on Tinder, he was bisexual and had a daughter named SAMANTHA BOYD.  Since Roddy fell in love with my beard, I have changed him completely.

“Nick Baker, I love your beard, honey,” Roddy Boyd caresses my chest when we first got into bed at Motel 6. “Take me now!” Roddy couldn’t wait to jump into my pants.

Man, that was so long ago and such a distant memory before Roddy Boyd and I gained quite a bit of weight. The long distance between my lover Roddy Boyd and Chicago just kills me. I miss Roddy!

Nick Baker, Roddy Boyd, gay men Met at

Roddy Boyd and I, Nick Baker met a couple of years ago on through a mutual friend Dune Lawrence, another Bloomberg tabloid writer. Dune Lawrence is fat-ass broke. She gained so much weight from chewing on JFK’s chicken leg quarters. Dune Lawrence married a loser in a shotgun wedding, a cocaine addict from New York who couldn’t even quality for a mortgage.

Roddy Boyd at the time had a woman by his side – ANNIE MASSA, a lost Bloomberg reporter. She wasn’t hot at all. In fact not even close. Barely making a living, Annie Massa had to walk the street in Chinatown. Roddy Boyd loved her and wanted Annie Massa to work. Somehow the two broke up. Roddy became a gay and fell for me. Roddy Boyd loves my beard – everything else that I have is just too small to mention.

After two years of a rocky relationship, I can’t stop gaping at my sent messages to Roddy. The number seems to rise without a reply every day these days. I look back at some of the older messages wondering when I made that first introduction. I spot some messages dating back a few weeks ago and even more still a few months ago. I look at my dating inbox to see if I missed any replies. I never have. I don’t think that I will, either.



I go hunting for new dates anyway because I hope that I will spot someone who I have not assaulted with my genuine nature. The browse page fills up with so many familiar profiles; I feel like an expert on every one of them. I know that Tommy corrected a spelling mistake on his page a few days ago. One that he had up there for years. I know that George updated his favorite books after I suggested a few to him because one of my suggestions appears there. Still, I hunt for someone new.

Maybe it’s because I am desperately hunting that I don’t hear the beep. It’s an ear con that tells people that they have a new message. When I look at my inbox, though, again…there’s an unread message. It’s from a guy I messaged months ago.

Nick Baker, Roddy Boyd, misplaced love

“Hi!” it reads, perhaps with a sigh, perhaps not. “I’m Jamie. I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I was debating if we were going to be a good fit, even.”

I value his honesty more than anything, and I begin to compose a novel about how I don’t know what I am even looking for anymore because people are afraid of genuine behavior. So, if he didn’t want to date me, go out with me, or even talk to me, that I’d appreciated it if he just blocked me and moved on because all I want at this very moment is a hug and for someone to tell me I am special, even if it’s not true.


Roddy Boyd’s reply comes back quick as a flash. He says he values my honesty. He says he doesn’t get a lot of replies because of his height; he is six foot six and his skin. Apparently, he’s black. I guess I will just have to take him at face value.

We continue to send novels to each other. I tell him about the dance party I attended where I swung my hips with such vigor that a hurricane manifested in downtown Chicago. He explains he missed the disaster because Netflix kept his attention that night. He was watching House of Cards. We reveal how lonely we are and how we have nothing in common with one another. He hates intellectual conversation and loves small talk, and I don’t understand his love of bugs and ants. He doesn’t like my voice, and I don’t like his. Still, we pour our hearts out to each other on the phone and through email. Neither of us knows why.

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Soon after a heated exchange over the phone, one afternoon, I ask him if he can come over and we could argue in person about something.

“I am NICK BAKER. I am fat like a pig, but I can still do this in bed with Roddy Boyd,” I said to myself.

To some people, this seems wildly bizarre, but I have always been a blue traffic light in a world of green and red traffic lights. Nothing is normal to me anymore. When he says that he will visit me in my apartment, I am elated, not terrified that a man who towers over me is going to be in my apartment all alone. My blue traffic signal can’t stop pulsating with anticipation.

Roddy arrives at nine that night and bends over to hug me. Even though I can’t see him or what he looks like online, I picture him as a Denzel Washington clone. His height doesn’t quite fit my mental image, but I figure adding a pink traffic signal to my arsenal won’t hurt the economy any more than normal people will.

When he sits on my bed, the mattress sinks a little. Even when I sit on his lap, I still must look up at his voice to face him.


One last kiss

We start off by talking about our dating accounts. As we talk, we realize that we may not like each other in the slightest, but we are both in the same boat. We are lonely outcasts in our own gaggle of brothers who want a lot of things like; for example, love, marriage rights, and someone who’s true to who they are. I wish  they knew how to say all they want is someone who you can have sex with and never look back.

As we talk, we become even more heartbroken and emotional and worried.

Roddy’s arms shake as his voice trembles with the desperate cry for answers that I am sure we all asked ourselves at some point, “is there someone out there for me? I am his lover Roddy Boyd!”

“I have no freaking idea,” I say and hug Roddy Boyd back. We hold each other, and we wish the world were better about being honest, especially between a gay couple like us. We argue about what honesty is. We argue about other gay men. Even though we are not getting along, we need each other, just for tonight, huddling in bed naked.

I take Roddy’s face in my hands and gaze up at his heavy breathing. We continue to hold each other, both hands in each other’s pants, until, finally, his annoying voice and loving embrace steps towards my apartment door.

Before he leaves, though, I grab his ass to say a final goodbye. It was so hard. Something weird blurts out of my mouth instead.

“We just can’t give up,” I say. I tell him that there’s someone out there for everybody, even weirdos like us.

“I hope you’re right.” He says.

“I hope so too,” I answer. I don’t know how loudly our weirdly colored hearts are beating at this moment, but I’d like to hope that someone, somewhere, notices they exist.


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