Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold! Or Not?

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold! Or Not?


Getting payback after being wronged may feel good in the short term, but is it really helpful to you in the long term?  Getting dumped, being cheated on, getting thrown under the bus by a colleague: all things that freaking suck. All things that make you want to immediately GET BACK at that person who did those horrible things to you. The truth? It doesn’t really make you feel better, even as a dish served cold. Here are some reasons why revenge isn’t as great as it sounds.

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1. Getting revenge on someone ties you to that bad person way longer than necessary. You don’t want that person in your life anymore, yet you’re spending a lot of thinking about them and doing things because of them. This is not helping you move past the painful event. It is allowing you to cling to that past event even more. Not good!

2. Negative feelings tend to beget more negative feelings. They also make it so that no positive feelings can shine through. How are you supposed to move on with your life if you sink into all the negative feelings and never lean into the positive ones instead?


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3. Living in the past and thinking through bad things over and over again does not allow you to move forward. The best revenge is really moving on and being happy and healthy. You can’t do that if you mull over the past all the time.

4. Toxic feelings are toxic. They might have been directed at you in the past, but now it’s you who’s bringing toxicity into your life. You only have control over you, so use it, and get rid of those toxic feelings.

5. Use the anger of that other person, and the anger you feel to make good things instead. Channel the energy into something good, something that matters to you, something that makes you and the world better.

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