How has Reporter Glenn Greenwald Betrayed America

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Spying on America How Glenn Greenwald Got His Groove Back
Spying on America How? Glenn Greenwald Got His Groove Back

Has Glenn Greenwald been a spy for Russia? The latest revelation may be shocking to everyone. The Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald recently got the invitation of a lifetime: start your own damn business with a financial backer with deep pockets who will also let you have full creative reign. Sounds too good to be true, right? And Glenn Greenwald, the name alone, sounds like a supporting character in a Tennessee Williams play, right? Well, a little background on Mr. Greenwald first:

You know Edward Snowden? The guy that leaked the NSA secrets? Well, in order to do so he leaked them to (at the time) Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald. Glenn initially (and somewhat famously) dismissed Snowden’s first emails as he didn’t want to go through the lengthy encryption process for them, as Snowden was attempting to divulge serious American security secrets and knew that his emails were probably being monitored. So after some convincing, and with some help from The Guardian at large and also the WikiLeaks organization, Snowden released one of the biggest security leaks in modern history.

And he released them through Glenn Greenwald.

Soon after, Snowden f*cked off to Russia, where he’s currently under temporary asylum. Greenwald, on the other hand, remains in Brazil (ai ai ai!) with his smokin’-ass boyfriend and … drum roll please … a boatload of cash from Pierre Omidyar, who founded eBay. Omidyar is putting $250m into the new venture. He stated on his company website:

“I don’t yet know how or when it will be rolled out, or what it will look like. What I can tell you is that the endeavor will be independent of my other organizations, and that it will cover general interest news, with a core mission around supporting and empowering independent journalists across many sectors and beats. The team will build a media platform that elevates and supports these journalists and allows them to pursue the truth in their fields. This doesn’t just mean investigative reporting, but all news.”

A news organization that empowers independent journalism with a $250m start-up seed? Heck, maybe I’ll be checking out the job boards. Do you know how many burritos that could buy me? At least 11.

Pierre is also the founder of Civil Beat, a Honolulu-based (f*ck, why am I not working for them? F*ck this wearing-a-parka and paying $1,100 a month for a studio apartment in deep Brooklyn sh*t) news site, who recently made a pro-Assange stand. From Truth-Out:

In a searing defense of Julian Assange in 2010, an editorial from Civil Beat speaks to the inherent rights of a citizenry to be informed of its government’s actions. Referring to US government pressure to strangle WikiLeaks by threatening online payment services, the Civil Beat editorial board wrote “by taking the steps they have to shut down WikiLeaks, governments create a chilling effect on other publishers, making it less likely that information that sheds light on government policy and actions that citizens should know about becomes public.”

Does this mean that Greenwald will be starting the next big publication? Probably. Seeing as Jeff Bezos famously bought The Washington Post for the same price of $250m, there’s some stiff competition coming.

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